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Harry Potter (justharry) wrote,
@ 2003-03-26 19:21:00
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    Current mood: depressed

    Yes, it's me again...

    I was able to find a way to Hogsmeade, with the help of Fred and George. They gave me a terrific gift, really, it's something. I decided not to take my father's invisibility cloak, only because it was a spur of the moment type of thing. I managed to startle Ron and Hermione at a sweets shop..Oh, what was it called? Oh, right, Honeyduke's. Anyway, Hermione thought it would have been best if I were to just go back to Hogwarts and not get in trouble, but Ron and I were able to finally convince her otherwise.

    This is where my recount becomes, well, personal. So, with that in mind...

    [Viewable to only Ron and Hermione]

    ((OoC: Which means, everyone else is, of course, able to read this, but you as your character cannot react to this or know about this))

    We went to The Three Broomsticks for butterbeer. Both Ron and Hermione said that butterbeer is fantastic. And they were right. I can't really describe it, beyond saying, it's "buttery."

    However, while we were busy drinking our butterbeer, we overheard a bunch of professors talking over at a table very close to ours. I was made to duck underneath the table (which, well, was a good idea) and listened.

    ...I learned that Sirius Black was a good friend of my father's. And that he ratted my parents out to Voldemort. It took a lot from me to stay quiet as I heard all of this. As soon as the professors and Minister Fudge (who they were talking to) left, I ran back to Hogwarts. I looked through the photo album I have of my parents and sure enough, there was a younger and cleaner version of him standing next to my parents in a wedding photo smiling and acting like a total arse in it.

    I can't believe it...

    And now he wants to finish the job and kill me... He's already infiltrated Hogwarts twice...

    [/Viewable to everyone again!]

    To make matters worse, I had to serve a detention with Snape. I had been contemplating my newly-found circumstances in his class, and well, of COURSE, he used that to his advantage by assigning me a detention. It actually only turned out to be a strange detention. Ginny and Belle, to name a few, were also serving detentions. Wolfe slinked into the classroom wearing what must have been her old school uniform. Er, it was disgusting. She and Snape have private "detentions?" What the hell does that mean? I really don't want to think of Snape as being Egh. Then for another disturbing reason, Lucius Malfoy and who I must assume was his wife came in to yell at Wolfe for giving their "precious" son trouble in her class. It ultimately resulted in Wolfe throwing a fit and leaving after arguing with Snape and breaking up with him...or something. Detention pretty much ended after that. Seeing him suffer in some sort of way brightened my day somewhat. But now that it's over, I've gone back to mulling over my previous problems.

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2003-03-29 17:05 (link)
Harry...I...know how you must feel after you heard what you did, mustn't do anything irrational. Like going after Sirius Black. It's what your parents would have wanted, right? :is worried and nervous:

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2003-04-02 20:56 (link)
You know what? I agree.

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2003-03-31 19:51 (link)
Oh, it sounds like you had fun, Harry. I can't wait for third year now. :runs off to sulk:

I never want to have detention again. That was just...INHUMAN. Ugh.

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