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Justawoman (justawoman) wrote,
@ 2004-12-21 15:33:00
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    Current mood: busy
    Current music:Christmas Music

    Dog Days of Christmas
    Our families christmas has started out stressful and is slowly making a turn towards normal. Jessica wanted to make her boyfriends christmas memorable. What does she do? She goes and brings home a puppy. A border collie, female, 8 week old poop machine. Jessica does live with our oldest daughter Jenny. So it really has been Jen that is more stressed out over the doggy situation than the rest of us. Jen went and borrowed an animal cage to put the puppy in when they have to leave the house. Jessica is the type of person that never stays home. True to form it has been mainly Jen that has had to take care of the boyfriend present. At least the little dog has a wonderful personality and that has made it a tadbit more bearable for Jen to accept. Christmas day is on the horizon. The stress started when I got the phone call Monday morning.

    Jessica knew her goose was cooked when she didn't bother to come home Sunday night and left the little visitor totally in Jen's care. No one knew where Jess and her best friend were. We all discovered together that they were at a party and had become to drunk to drive home. "Real mature move there Jess", is all I could think. Dad wants her to move back home. Jess is doing the kiss ass thing hoping it will keep her at her big sister's home. I am staying out of it. It is between my hubby and our oldest to decide what happens to Jess and her taste of independence. After all Dad made the rules he needs to enforce this one and have a talk with his daughter.

    I am actually through shopping for the holiday. It is all down to wrapping. I keep coming in with little gifts here and there but the actual gifts are bought. I hope it snows for christmas. Right now we have the cotton gin snow. What a dirty mess it actually is when you look at it up close. Snow would sure clear the air of this grit.

    Brandon's parents are coming down. His father invited us out to the Millens. I doubt we go simply because it is B's mothers family and she never invites us or tells us what is going on. We have been married for 20 years and she has yet to stop and ask," would you two like to exchange gifts with the rest of the married couples?" We went out there last year at the exact moment that they were exchanging gifts. We felt so left out, so we loaded up the girls and came back home to our family nest. Brandon's Dad did say that," you and the girls can come out Lori. You don't need Brandon." Well guess what? Brandon is my family and where he goes, I go. His family has yet to realize that, " YES, our marriage is lasting and working." He even had a cousin once have nerve enough to tell me that Brandon was not welcome at his home anymore but that I could bring the girls to see them. I politely declined the invite. I informed this cousin that if Brandon was not welcome I was not welcome. That was 6 or so years ago. The whole reason was silly for him not wanting his own cousin at his house. Brandon and I were putting a cousin to work that the family was having problems with. This particular cousin's wife didn't like this troublemaking cousin and forbid Brandon on her place. Funny though, this very same cousin is now talking to the troublemaking cousin again but has never apologized to Brandon for letting his wife come between them. They grew up together and were best friends for a long time. Our only fault was trying to help someone she didn't like. Her lose.

    Families at the holidays can be so hypocritical. I personally don't want nice-nice made at me when behind my back such underhanded things have been said and done about people I truly love. I hope we stay at our house and eat, play, laugh, get lazy, and smile alot.

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