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Maybe i don't wanna be like you... (justavisual) wrote,
@ 2003-08-09 10:17:00
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    Current mood:sad
    Current music:Propagandhi-Refusing to be a man

    Do you notice i'm gone?
    So this is a rant about him, about how he probably doesn't even miss me about how he's probably with some stupid french girl and the only person he's probably kept in regular contact with is her, and by the sounds of it that aint the only person she's kept in contact with. It just sucks i missed him so much last ni9ght walking home with all the lads from that party and it was like if he was here we'd have been going home now, and how it would have been a boss night if he'd have been there, i mean it was good anyway but like almost everything else it just aint the same without him. And now i'm scared that when he gets back he's just going to forget i exist entirely and spend all his time with the two Ben's or hanging round Greenbank. *sigh* I remember lying next to him right with him holding me and him saying that he was never gonna leave me and the idea of leaving me scared the shit out of him to well seems a bit hollow at the minute. I now have to buy Drew a new DVD thanks to my own idiotic actins but ah whatever.
    By the way if you want my more happy journal than go to

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you sound interesting......
2003-08-10 04:20 (link)
yeah i was just doing a search for people who like Missing 23rd and your username popped up and you seem like you don't listen to that emo shit, most people on here who say they like missing 23rd listen to stupid stuff, and you also listen to Joy Division:-) i am wearing my Ian Curtis shirt right now, oh yeah i know missing 23rd, i live in the same town as them

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