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Carrie (justalilspun) wrote,
@ 2003-12-24 19:35:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:autumns monologue- from autumn to ashes

    im listening to sad music so now im sad
    hmmm i feel kind of sad but im not sure... i miss trever... i love him so much and i just dont know what to do with myself without him... maybe this is a phase but i love the guy.. he isnt even that cute either which is good cause i guess i can see past hottness... but yeah i mean i think im not gunna be over him because he keeps jumpin in my life makin me love him more and more... i think i love him a lot and this break is a test... to see is we can make it through the hard times...? i mean he is grounded for 2 months so i never really get to talk to him.. i mean he did cheat on me... he had sex with someone else.. but i mean i guess i would want him to forgive me but i dont know if he were any other person he would be totally out of my life... i dreamt about him all last night... thats so weird... well he got to see me today like he said he wanted to... hmmm he sure knows how to make things happen eh? hmmmm i love this guy.... he is the best kisser ever too... he sucks on my tongue... hmmmm and he is REALLY TALL... ahhh i love him... love love love.... and he is all mine.... now what to do with him..? p.s. i think im a lil tipsy but not really... just buzzed... so this should be taken seriously but then again im not a kind of person one should take seriously alot... im very troubled...

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