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teMporaRiLy*inSaNe (just_diana) wrote,
@ 2005-02-01 20:24:00
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    Current mood:down
    Current music:"World on Fire" by Sarah McLachlan

    so many miscommunications
    maybe we should just many things have gotten lost in translation. it's up to you though.

    i'm just feeling kind of down, lots has happened, and not much to be thankful for.

    i can't change the past, nor can i predict the future, all i can do is hope that things will work out. so i'll sit here, crossing my fingers and wait. i can only change myself, and no one else. so i'll sit here and i'll do so. i can't feel bad forever, for life would be terrible. so while i'm crossing my fingers, and changing myself, i'll look up and know someone is helping me. someone, will make this better.

    ^ i can only hope.

    maybe i'm just anti-social...

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2005-02-04 17:50 (link)
hey i was wondering who that guy in your pic was. (the one that says love is an excuse to get hurt) cause he looks familiar and i was just curious as to who he was, so if you could lemme know, i'd appreciate it. thanks

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