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Homeroom Totes (junkies_village) wrote,
@ 2003-03-24 19:35:00
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    Current mood:annoyed
    Current music:radiohead- how to disappear completely

    your so last summer
    i dont even know why im updateing this thing i dont have much to say. i went to school today, like always, had a miniture heart to heart with jessica in the morning in the bus. talking about the newest collection to my problems (yay). one thing i noticed with that conversation is that alot of things come at bad times in someones life. you could be complaing that you dont have something and your wondering what went wrong for you not to have that certain thing, once you have it, you dont know what to do with it or you just dont want it at all. the way i see things is that there is a reason behind everything (not in a paranoid way) things hapen for a reason, which lead to better things at the end. now i understand that but the part i seem to be having problems with is to find out what kind of good is coming out of all this stuff. i cant even number the things that are bothering me anymore, cause they all relate to eachother.
    it always hapens that right when your actualy happy and you think you actualy got somewhere with yourself somthing hits you and gives you a bunch of other things to deal with and the way you handle it is completly up to you. and its as if someone gives it to you as if your in a game and is just watching and laughing at you freak out and deal with all this stuff at one time. fuck if that were true then were are some sick fucks out there.
    anyways enought about this stuff i wouldnt think that out of the 4-5 people that actualy read this, theyd want to here this shit. so other than that crap thats going on im not going to school tomorow i have career exploration and im gonna go to la salle college, until 12 and then im going out to eat lunch with my mom and then im going shopping to get those nice pants i saw on the ad on the bus today of guess with the chian, their soo nice. so because of that im missing a science test and a ethics quiz.
    okay well im gonna go now, entertaniment tonight is starting and i want to go watch it.
    sorry for the retarded entry thing.. it doesnt make much sence and it sounds extremly skitzo of me once i re read it

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2003-03-24 22:25 (link)
hello hello

you don't sound skitzo do not worry :)
i didnt call you back cause i went outwith andrea and u didnt call me back because u dont love me ... you love the tredmeeeel! .... ok, i'm gay. call me tomorrow i wanna hear about ur career thingie and if u got the pretty guess pants.

(also, im feeling much better so do not worry :))

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