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Gin (jumpforginger) wrote,
@ 2005-03-07 15:51:00
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    Today is Monday. Ohhhh, yuck. I'm hoping to get a new job from one of a few people that I am going to be applying to. I just want out of where I am, and one of the places I'm applying to would be ideal for me to work at. I think I'd really like it. Unfortunately there are a few factors to work out, and I think they probably won't want to hire me because I will only be available June 1 instead of immediately. Oh well, a student can always try, and it's good practice. Also, perhaps it'll be a way to network, they'll see my oh so awesome resume and want to pass it on to all of THEIR network buddies and somewhere down the line I'll be employed doing something other than boring old sales at just above minimum wage.

    And this morning, well, I called Cyrus. Luckily he's not a computer lover, or he'd seriously be mad at me for writing about him. He's like "I wish you were here, you're like the perfect girl, I just would like to be able to treasure you the way that you deserve... etc etc" It's scary and touching all at the same time. I like to know that even though I hate the way I am around people (I'm a social dork), he thinks that I'm awesome and that he's never known anyone better. Even if he doesn't think that, it's nice to hear that somebody out there thinks that I'm the greatest and would give just about anything to have me. : ) He doesn't have to worry about not liking my ample behind (he's a skinny girl liker), because he and I will never ever be a couple. For one thing, there's no chance of me moving to Toronto any time soon!

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