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Captain Katie (julytigerlily) wrote,
@ 2003-05-12 15:21:00
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    Current mood:cranky
    Current music:Distorted Penguins - Sexi Lexi... again

    katie and the weather: two peas in the same mood pod... or something, lol
    Yesterday I was all smiles. I excitedly volunteered to wash both of the gorgeous, blue cars right after having enjoyed a jog at the trail, and I even got in exercise mode that same evening, generating some sit-ups, push-ups, and punching drills I learned in kick boxing.

    Today my energy level is at zero, I feel very irritable, my limbs feel two tons heavier than they did yesterday, and any motivation to drag them from one place to another is non-existant.

    Bi-polar disorder? Nah, I just happen to reflect the weather. Maybe I could be some interesting character in a story; maybe I'm related to Storm somehow: she controls the weather, I'm controlled BY the weather?

    It's great in the summer, but for the other 3/4 of the year, aside from the cheerfulness and fun surrounding Christmas and Valentine's Day, it's extremely disrupting. Everything is more of a struggle on days like these. I get nothing accomplished; all I can do is just... sit, which, ironically, makes me feel even WORSE. I'm at the end of a loooong road of these vexes; this is just one of those last, little spurts of suckiness before I FINALLY get to relish in the brightly stimulating effects SUMMER has on my seasonal affective disorder, woo! Soon I'll be hyper and hysterically happy again, spontaneous and up for anything under the blazing, summer sun :D

    I KNEW there was something more to my feeling fantastic in California than just the mouth-watering fruit, and the ocean, and the boys, and... my mommy made fun of me because I'm sitting next to my space heater right now :) Hopefully I'll get to put it away for at least a few months out of the year, right???

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