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Jubee (juliexoolie) wrote,
@ 2003-04-30 19:23:00
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    Current mood: crushed
    Current music:John Mayer :: Neon

    ... I'm useless ...
    Alright, I put up with this shit for so freaking long. I feel like I am taken for granted, I will always be there for whatever. I feel that I am being made inferior. I feel that I am being used. I feel that people don't care.
    People make me feel so freaking stupid sometimes. I am sorry that I am not as "cool" and as smart as you are, but hey that is no reason to put me down. Too many times have people made me feel stupid because I said something wrong, made a mistake, misinterrpruted something. To be honest, I am sick of it. I may not be the brightest or smartest person, but to hell with it.
    I feel that I am a last resort, that if something goes wrong, I will be there. I feel I am being used, and taken for granted. Like that they can not talk to me for a long time, then when they are in trouble, who do they call, well yeah, not anymore.
    What I hate the most is how people try and make me look stupid, they make me feel so inferior. They seem to all think that they are so much better than me, the make me feel like shit. I feel that I am not "good enough" for them, or they are just way over the top. It feels that something, that something that kept it together, snapped.
    Okay, I had to get that out, I hate this feeling, I am not that stupid or that mean, at least i hadn't thought so.

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poor jubee!!
2003-04-30 21:12 (link)
awww julie whats wrong??? you can always talk to me! i luv yah!

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