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Juliann (juliannleek) wrote,
@ 2005-08-11 16:56:00
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    Current mood: annoyed

    hm... i have been protesting going online but i decided to come on today. Not like it matters if im here or not because my "best friends" dont even notice to talk to me anyways....

    There has been a fly flying around for the past hour.. how do they not get tired?

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2005-08-12 02:15 (link)
flies are bastards like that... and just when you think they've run out of energy, you try to hit them, they move, and your hand lands in your drink or on the sharp corner of a wooden table... you know man? i'm really sick of flies... i don't even know why we keep them around... cities decrease the populations of mosquitoes all the time, so they oughta start spraying those flies too...

your best friends: throw them out a window?

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2005-08-12 10:39 (link)
i hate fucking flies.. and the people in my house leave the back door open so then they come in just to annoy me

and the best friends.. if im forced to throw them out a window.. then there not worth it.. im over it


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2005-08-13 03:46 (link)
all we can hope is that they don't find some way to hybridize with mosquitoes and produce genetically superior offspring, who would be loud, annoying, just slow enough to distract but too fast to kill, and could swoop in and bite you anytime.

they would take over towns in hours, small cities in days, and big cities in weeks.

well, i'm glad you're over it. if you need any other suggestions on how to take care of people, i'm here most of the time and i listen to lots of violent death metal, so i have tons of ideas. :)

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2005-08-13 11:56 (link)
ha yes that would suck...

and thanks for the offer next time i want to hurt someone i will ask you haha

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2005-09-14 15:52 (link)
that's a very good question

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