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Juliann (juliannleek) wrote,
@ 2005-08-02 23:33:00
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    Current mood:shitty

    Well I DID end up seeing Carl today and it was fun. He wasnt around for that long but still. Idk. I like him but maybe not as much as i thought.. i dont know i will have to hang out with him more to really know i guess. He is still cool and all but, idk. Maybe because i was kinda, well really, mellow today because i was kinda tired and i didnt sleep that long because i went to bed at 5 am and woke up at 12. I mean its a good sleep but i wanted to sleep longer lol... im such a bum.

    anyway tomorrow im going to my dads, i dont now what im doing during the day though

    Then on Thurshday im probably hanging out with my friend from Texas.

    Then who knows for the rest of the week.

    My life actually hasnt been complete horror lately.. i mean alot of stuff has gone wrong but some how i have been ignoring it all mostly. Like everything with my sister. The only things that really upsets me is my mom because every day when i see her she is crying. I try so hard to make her happy but it just seems like she crys so much... i dont know what to say to someone who feels they have failed as a mother and are so worried about money and feels like shit. I mean its my mom she is so important to me and i wish i could just make her pain go away. Then she crys cause she is worried about getting me a birthday present and stuff. Im like mom its not a big deal i dont want anything. Idk.. she has to pay for a wedding and bills and stuff. Thats why im so glad i will be 16 in 14 days and i will be able to look for a job then she wont have to buy me anything... idk not having money sucks cause theres stuff i want and i cant have alot of it. Like clothes i really need some and i cant get them cause im to scared to ask and we cant afford them. Like we got some stuff for school. but 2 pairs of jeans arent going to do. All my other ones i like have holes and stuff in them so.. yeah oh well...

    Well i guess i will be going now...


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2005-08-03 13:44 (link)
I remember wanting a job so bad so that I could pay for everything...Now I just hate it and wish my parents would still pay for everything...

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2005-08-03 15:11 (link)
i dont WANT to pay for everything... but i know im going to have to, but theres lots of stuff that i want so i have no choice but to get a job

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2005-08-03 20:22 (link)
yea I don't pay for everything...just clothes and gas mostly...well and the movies and stuff like that

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