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Juliann (juliannleek) wrote,
@ 2004-08-02 16:55:00
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    Current mood: crappy

    yes so haent written in a few days... on saturday i went to Lake Compounce with Kaiti.. yeah we were supposed to meet brittany and her little friends there... but she like was being a bitch i dont know why so we walked away and then we came back trying to be nice again, lets just say it didnt work and then i got into a fught online with some girl w.e yes so anyway.. and yeah that shit sucked but me and Miss. Ramos had fun.. we get held hostage on a ferris wheel tho.. we were on there for like a half hour.. and then we took the sky ride.. kinda scary but it was ok... yes and that all to that night.. it was fun ...

    Then yesterday i went to my dads house.. and then went and slept at my cousins house it was fun.. mmhmm we wathed a movie and then today we jammed lol.. i was playing the drums and he was playing the guitar.. and i learned some Nirvana on the guitar.. and then i made up my own drum beat for another song but it sounded right so i dont care.. and then i had to leave there ot go to the orthodotics.. and here i am bored.. yeah there is something wrong with mymom.. she isnt telling me tho.. w.e not much i can do i guess and im kinda in a pissy mood so yeah w.e well thats it so

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2004-08-05 20:28 (link)
dont feel bad...i love u so much juliann u are the best and we have to start hanging out...!! i love yo sooo mucho....

[x] amber lynn [x]

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