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Juliann (juliannleek) wrote,
@ 2004-07-27 19:51:00
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    Current mood: energetic
    Current music:METALLICA!!!!!

    Well i havent written in awhile ... so on Friday i went to lauras.. slept over there with Becky,Brit,Jenny,Melissa and some chick Jontae or something like that... yeah so that was cool... i got 2 hours of sleep and then my mo came to get me and we went to VT.. so yeah that was cool... i drove the trike broke the clutch again.. but fixed it then i dont know we got a new spark plug and it ran... but there is something up with it... then george fixed the tractor... and yeah i made alot of shit like welcome signs and bird houses... in the wood shop work shopie thing in the barn.. man its like being in tech ed with all that shit... its all in there... yeah i was being creative.. yeah but there is this house up there that looks like the flinstone house... and the guy who lived there... we think blew it up// when we got there it was burning to the looks like a rock but i guess it isnt really rock.., cause it burnt... it was crazy shit... people think he blew it up cause he owed morgatges and was going threw a divorce and shit... and some say no... who knows i didnt know the dude that well so i cant make the judgment.. but w.e yeah and nothing interesting happened up there....

    so tommorow i have to go to couseling at fucking 8 in the morning and then im going camping with jenny and becky.. this will be fun... well thats about it i guess.... no ranting and raving for me right now... cause.... I FEEL HAPPY

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