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Juliann (juliannleek) wrote,
@ 2004-07-11 00:11:00
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    Current mood: happy

    Ah yes well yesterday was my party... well actually it was 2 days ago cause it is 12 something am on sunday.. yes it was fun not all the people i thought were comming came but that matters non i guess... yes so we all were sitting around and whatever then we went swimming and shit it was fun then we all went in my room and watched Thirteen this movies that my amber got me... she was like o what a korny gift or whatever but it is a really good movie. So then yeah Laura, Brit, and Karen slept over it was fun and we went swimming... well karen didnt but yeah... so then we fell asleep and whatever...and woke up... yes thats what happened.. then laura went home and me and brit and karen went swimming and then we went to walmart and got some "stuff" lol me and brit got cool things.. lol... yeah cause i had like 115 dollars and i didnt spend it all... yeah cause that would be dumb.. but anywho... then we went to Mcdonalds... and yeah it was fun.. and we chilled in my yard for a little while... o and we went to the gas station and i washed Karebears windows : ) i did a damn good job too lol... yes so yeah we talked about things then at like 8 they decided to leave and i was left alone.... tear... but then my mom got home at 9 so i wasnt alone... man i dont know i have been not depressed for like a week and a half and like i went down stairs and i was all like mom thanks for letting me have a party.. and all this and even if i dont show her i love her to death and she is like the greatest mom... but yeah then when we were at walmart i brought my mom a sunflower set thing.. like pot holders and dish towels... she was so happy : ) she is pleased so easy... but yeah i dont know ... i have to go to my dads tommorow.. and im actually like getting along good with him.. its weird.. like we always fight... or i am mean to him... i dont mean to be ... but it is so hard cause there is alot of shit from the past and i hate his girlfriend and im not bitchy to her im bitchy to him.. and my problems... i take them out on him and im sorry for that... i mean there is alot of things that he lets me do that my mom dosent... like drive his truck... or drink... and stuff like that i dont know he isnt that bad... but there is still alot of shit we need to work out.. but honestly i dont want to right now.. cause this mood cant die... its finally going good... and this whole summer so far... i havent had one boring day... but im kinda sad cause my brittany is leaving in 2 weeks i dont know what i will do without her.. and she is so far away in fucking Portugal.. i mean jeeze... o well i have to manage without her : ( *tear tear* yes but i dont know i wanted her to sleep over again tonight but her mommy prolly wouldnt let her.. o well i guess i can live without her well maybe not... but i will have to try!!! yes well im going on and on but my life is good so now i dont know IM EXCITED... for once i feel like i have something to look foward too and that NEVER EVER happens... like i can actually control my life.. i havent felt this feeling in a long time.. and i actually have a little bit of convidence... there was non but now there is like 2-5 percent... YAY.... wow lol ok well nothing more to say.. so later... wow i think i wrote alot today...wee lol buh bye
    (( Juliann ))

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