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Juliann (juliannleek) wrote,
@ 2004-07-08 10:46:00
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    Current mood: amused

    1.what is the time? 10 47

    About Yourself
    2. Full Name? Juliann Lee Kardos

    3. Birth Date? 8-16-89
    4. Zodiac Sign? leo
    5. Age? 14
    6. Eye Color? brown
    7. Hair Color? blonde
    8. Parents names? Dawn and Daniel
    9. Siblings? 1 sister

    10. Siblings name and age? Jessica 17

    11. What do you like to do in your spare time? listen to music
    12. What are you listing to right now? flaw
    13. Are you gay!!! no

    14. Any Piercings? nope
    15. Any Tattoos? no
    16. Do you have a job? Nope
    17. Are you a Virgin? yes
    18. Parents together or apart? apart

    19. Do you have any animals? Yes
    20. what are they? a dog, a cat a bird and a gerbil
    21. Live in a big or small house? small
    22. Do you sleep with a stuff animal? no
    23. Do you like to read? yes

    24.Favorite food? mac and cheese
    25. Favorite Music? heavy metal... rock
    26. Favorite Resturant? Crackel Barrel
    27. Favorite Color? black
    28. Favorite Friend? amber and brit
    29. Favorite Smell? Enscada ..Island kiss lol yes

    30. Favorite clothing brand? Tripp

    31. Favortie song? every single metallica song

    32. Favorite Sport? basketball
    33. Favortie sport to watch? they all suck
    34. Favortie T.V Show? Degrassi

    35. Favorite place to be? Out
    36. Favorite Person to be with? this is a hard one
    37. Favorite state? Vermont

    38. Favorite town? not this one
    39. Favorite Team? Teamo Supremo lol....

    40. Favorite Animal? dog
    41. Favorite Movie? House of 1000 Corpses

    42. Favorite sound? nice guitar solo

    43. Favorite cartoon caracter? Timmy Turner lol
    44. Favorite Number? 68
    45. Favorite Parent? MOM without a doubt
    46. Favorite Sibling? jessica the step people are gay
    47. Favortie Alcoholic Beverage? Mikes Hard Lemonade.... Cranberry

    This or That
    48. Summer or Winter? Summer
    49. Sunset or Sunrise? sunset
    50. Light on or Light off? off
    51. Mustard or Ketchup? ketchup
    52. 2 piece or 1 piece bathing suit!? none lol (no that dosent mean naked)
    53. School or no school? I LOVE SCHOOL
    54. Guys or Girls! both are cool i guess lol
    55. Cats or Dogs? dogs
    56. Rain or Wind? rain
    57. Chingy or Usher? chingy hell yeah yo right thur.. i think thats him lol

    58. Sneakers or Sandals? sneakers
    59. Boxers or Briefs? well on a man Boxers... or his on me lol jk

    60. Basketball or Football? basketball

    61. Fishing or Hunting? HUNTING fuckers need to die
    62. Day or Night?night
    63. (Skin) Dark, Medium, or light? Medium... hells yeah Puerto Rician people lol
    64. Ocean or Lake? ocean
    65. Texas or Mississippi? Texas

    66. Ever kissed a friend? Yes
    67. Ever had sex? nope
    68. Ever thought about having sex? done we all?
    69. Ever smoked? yup
    70. Ever lied? Yes
    71. Ever cheated on anyone? no
    72. Ever been laid? no
    73. Ever licked a friend? yes haha
    74. Ever puked on a friend? no but i got puked on lol
    75. Ever tanned in a tanner? no ew nasty lol
    76. Ever lived on a farm? i wish moooo
    77. Ever went out of the state? yes
    78. Ever swam in the ocean? no cant say i have

    For this one you write one for the girls and one for the guys!

    79. Do you have a b/f or a g/f? nope
    80. what is their name? nothing
    81. Do you love them? no
    82. Who is your best friend? amber & Brit & Karen& Jessica

    83. Who do you trust the most? amber

    85. The last person you slept with? uh no one

    86. The last person you called? brit
    87. The last person you seen? brit

    88. If you could what person would you want to see one last time. kevin...
    89. A friend who has a big house? hmm i dunno

    90. A friend you makes you laugh! most of them
    91. A friend who makes you feel at home? i have noo idea

    92. Who do you feel most comfortable around? Brit
    93. A friend who is annoying?brittany but its funny lol
    94. A friends house your at alot? i dont usally they all come here

    95. A friend you kiss the most? none
    96. A friend who isn't a virgin? i can think of some but not gonna say lol
    97. A friend who will get married first? Jessica
    98.Who will have a baby first? Amber lol
    99. (In your grade) Who's the youngest? i dunno ... me?
    100. ( in your grade) Who's the oldest? Andrice...
    101. A friend who is loud? Brit

    102. A friend you e-mails you most? i dont know lol
    103. what is the time now? 11 04

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