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Juliann (juliannleek) wrote,
@ 2004-07-06 22:43:00
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    Current mood:fine
    Current music:| Flaw : Whole |

    Well yeah i havet written in a while.... been in VT yeah i got the trike going drove it in the woods.. it was fun.. shot my paintball and pelet gun... got a fire going.. went for a walk got chased by a dog... took Jenny for a tractor ride... hurt her ass hehe* yeah and then jenny drove the trike and hit a tree ... hehe we did big fireworks... there ar elike 30 hippes with a banner that says "habbitat for hippies" haha wow and they are like REAL hippies not the little posers with the tie die shirts. haha yes there dog chased me on the trike so i sped up..then i snaped the clutch in half i was so mad! but josh fixed it some how.. yeah he was shooting skeet he was good at it... hit it everytime.. yeah i missed my dog :( i wanted to bring the pooch! hehe i love him.. yes i dont know there isnt much to say.. i love Vermont... i dont know why... i think im going back in like 2 weeks.. yay.. o and i watched karate kid 3 times.. love that movie... me sand the floor...haha COME HERE.... thats the best movie... hehe yes.. and then something bad happened! i feel i have a big old bruise on my knee! o and my siter flipped the trike in the woods.. she got a few cuts and a burn.. nothing serious... but josh ran really fast to get her... what a good kid he is.. and then Jenny was going YEAH it was funny well jessica thought it was hilarious... and i had to give laura and jess rides on the trike.. then laura kept stalling it.. damn her she dosent know what she is doing .... yes and how about Charlie Payne... wow what an asshole... lol fucking lying bastard... hm... ok well not much more to say about this trip.... yummy subway... lol bye
    (( Juliann ))

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