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Juliann (juliannleek) wrote,
@ 2004-06-19 16:16:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:_+_ First Blood | Suffocation _+_

    yeah well today i got my paintball gun... and pelets for my other gun... hehe o man its so great.... i cant wait till Tuesday me and my homies are sleeping in the tent.. i started cleaning out the pool man its gross... but it BETTER be read.. i will be so pissed off if its not.... so yeah about the conseling.. i like the cousler.. ut i wanted to go alone.. i mean im the one who wants to get help.. and my siter made a sence saying that my om is a shity mother.. hell no i dont fucking think so that shit pisses me off more than anything.. i mean and then she says o i think Julie is going to comitte suicide and all this shit.. and i was like no sorry.. and er god it went bad they have to go for the first sessions and then i think i can go alone... maybe.. i hope so there is so juch shit thay i was holding back on saying cause if i wanted to talk to my family about it then i would... but i dont want to thats the whole point.... yeah but there isnt much else to sya ... im gonna try to find a new lay out for this journal... mine is not working.. prolly keep the same colors though cause red and black is all that i like.... and hey i found this Cd in my room it is cool it has a lot of hardcore bands on it... and i have to watch my cousin tonight at 7 hopefully i get money hehe.. i like money.. its nice.. yeah im just so excited about going to Vermont too cause i wanna kill things... lol thats not why.. but i do wanna shoot stuff with my spiffe guns.. hehe* well nothing more to say.. good bye.

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