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'Elle (juicynlusciouz) wrote,
@ 2005-03-21 13:31:00
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    Current mood: blah

    Dont have sex because if you do, you will get pregnant and DIE
    hey yall this is yo gurl lele...finally figured out how to write in this thing, it took awhile, but its all good cuz i have alot of time cuz im sittin here in my dads apartment waiting for him to come home from work, cant wait till my spring break is over its kinda sad cuz i love spring break but w/e nothing has been working out latley but its ok cuz i no things will get way enough bout that.... aaaw elle ur gettin a dora the explorer backpack how cute!!! and danielle strawberry shortcake IS HOT!!! i need to find me a cute idea?? **Dont have sex because if you do, you will get pregnant and DIE**

    So last night after I updated I talked 2 chris for a while.. n I dunno then I went 2 sleep but Santiago called n woke me up n he was makin fun of da way I sounded when I'm half asleep..:-/ n den I got a beep n it was Danielle cuz she had 2 tell me sumden omg dat shit was funny lol danielle... So anyway.. today I woke up n finally found an outfit n den went 2 skool n gosh it was so boring lol.. I'm just tired of creek n cant wait until dis year is over.. lets leave it at dat

    Dont u hate how some people like share EVERYTHING they do in here!?! n its SO STUPID cuz like they share all the illegal shit in there xangas n shit n its like wtf?! n its always those people who like nobody likes.. so like u kno damn right sum1 is gonna hate on u or sumden so its so stupid when they share all there shit in here. I keep mah shit minimal lol.. trust me if this was every lil detail I share.. then damn my life seems boring lol but I mean Im not gonna be like.. ..we drank it up n blah blah blah..dats just RETARDED...

    Uh-oh danielle got herself a strawberry shortcake backpack.. THATS HOTT .. but mah Lisa frank is rippin lol n ive only had it for a week.. I think its time for a new one n Im thinkin Dora the explorer :)

    Joelle didnt wear no eyeliner today JUST MASCARA .. WHOA I kno.. since u kno me and makeup get along VERY WELL.. yuh sum ppl even think I put it on my body ..lmao dummiezz these days.. but yuh my eyes didnt look so evil today according to ev1 :)

    Stuff I want..
    1- Lavender polo shirt
    2- White skirt
    3- digital camera
    4- SHOESS.. all kinds :) cant ever get enuff
    5- iPOD
    6- lavender n black belt
    7- Hair n Make-up products
    8- Stuff for my room
    9- Icecreams *da shoes*
    10- Denim Jacket
    11- Denim Skirt

    ...damn theres more.. n I need some money lol.. Cant wait till I get a job mann.. ~~~> copy n paste into adress bar made me smile lol :] (this DEFINNITELY doesnt apply to everyone)

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2005-03-21 19:15 (link)
Joelle is so cool I mean DAMN... THATZ HOT!

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Lol dat was me up there just trying dis shit out n figurin out how it works.
2005-03-21 19:18 (link)
So guys this is what u do.. u do it anonymously and I guess u can just leave ur name in the Message/subject box but there aint no need for that cuz I gave all my VIP ppl my username n password so u can just post up whutever-whenever. OR u can just NOT do it anonymously if u one of da VIPs and just sign in with my username n password n just leave ur name in da subject/message box so dat ppl dont think im leavin messages for mahself.. kk??

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