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pimp juiCy (juicy1) wrote,
@ 2003-10-01 10:32:00
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    Current music:`watchin bluez cluez ;P

    `'im gettin sLeeeepy...'`
    wassup` i got home last nite. i finally didi it and came hOme!! yay! but i wOKe up tOday at like 9:00:am. i`m dOin pretty gOod. well thingz were overall gOod when i was gOne. at first we was fightin cuz he was late. but then everything was FINE! umm.. i met sOme girl he fuCked when he first gOt baCk frOm tha millz. but she was cOo. drivin us arOund n shit. umm.. what else? oOooh shit. tedi wOn us tiCketz tO the 94.9 bOO bOmb cOncert! on octOber 26! ::harLem shakez:: itz gOn` be: faboLoUs, LUDACRIS, chingy, lil jOhn + east side bOyz, ying yang twinz, baby bash i can`t think of anyone else. but itz gOnna b off tha fukkin hOok! ima gO eat thO.. hOlla atcha giirL.. 1 [LOL]

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2003-10-07 16:02 (link)
My community is basically a place for teens to share about relationships that they have been in OR still in. That they would love to have back. Can you just not get over it! Did some1 steal away your sweetheart and you havent been the same since. Have you had to deal with alot of crap off of them, or you don't understand WHY they do the things they do, or hey maybe you still love them?, and you don't know how to deal with that either. You can share stories, advice, or even use it as a place to vent about relationship probblems. It dosent matter as long as it is somthing on your mind. Just be nice.

check it out and Join*

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