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Scuba Steve (jtotheake) wrote,
@ 2003-12-09 22:26:00
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    Current mood: stressed
    Current music:Eminem - "BULLY"

    Yup... how bout that
    Well yesterday i hungout with Teta and Ben all day. We went to the mall and watched Teta shop for pants. much fun. No not really but atleast i wasnt at home like all you losers. Then we went back to Ben's house and watched "Final Destination" and ate pizza.

    Today i hungout with Ben. We were at my house for a little then i called comilla and we went to his house. Bryan and a few girls were there. We were bored so we went to the mall again. We bumped into so many people that we knew. We saw Kristin and chris. Then we saw josh. Then Adam. And then i talked to my ex-girl friends mom. eh....oh well.....

    okay..... Eddy Rerdan. Seriously dude, If you think your tuff and wanna keep telling people these lies I will beat your fat ugly ass. Stop tellin people you threw me against the lockers last year. Bitch. if you ever put your hands on me like that i would make sure you would have to ask Santa for your 2 front teeth.....punk

    Anyways, I need to grow balls.... yea you know

    "Dont hate me because I'm beautiful" - SomeOne

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2003-12-12 16:19 (link)
i <3 you Jake

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2003-12-12 16:23 (link)

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