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Matt (jr1447) wrote,
@ 2004-08-11 21:56:00
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    mmm mm good
    well i went through the weekend... and it was one to remember ill say that at least. we left friday night for epping. we were gonna try and sleep in the new walmart super center by the track... and you would think a supercenter would be open 24 hours... no closed at 11 and we got there at 11:30 so we went to the comuter parking lot that we usually sleep in bc we are bums and homeless people when we go racing. i slep in the bed of the truck on my foam mattress and i slep good with 3 blankets on me bc it was freezing. woke up the next morning with frost all around me and on the pillows. it was scary lol. well we went to the track did all our shit for frank to race that day. frank ended up racing really good and made it to the final for the 2nd race in a row. he ended up racing one of the guys taht doesnt have a stop on his car and runs it all out. frank ended up red lighting to him. the guy just had a lucky day... in a 4 round race he had 3 red lights and a buy so he didnt really race anyone. well after putting the car in the trailer we hung out for a min then left the track to look for a hotel room and then maybe go to a movie after we found one... well we went off down one road and tried about 6 hotels either booked up or 200 a night. i made the prediction that we would pass Telly's (a resterant near the track) 2 or 3 times before we ate bc we were all hungry. and we went past it leaving the track then again after looking for a hotel and went down a stretch of highway... for abouit 30 mins or so and saw NOTHING and again i predicted that so we turned around went past telly's and finally ate there. durring diner we talked and i figured we would go to comuter parking lot again wich i was fine with. coming out frank rememberd one place and we called it and they had 2 rooms.... 1 for 150 and one for 119 with a bathroom across the hall and frank took the one with the the bathroom and it was only one bed. now we say a hotel that was 89 for 2 beds and frank turned it down bc he didnt like the guy. but no we can pay for a one bed for more and get less. we got to the place called "the in of exeter" and it was like a bed and breakfast kinda place where u would go for a weding reception so picture me my mom and frank looking like shit carying our foam bed to this room no bigger then the den downstairs. so we sleep ... cramped but we make it through the night. sunday i ran the car full out against franks will and only ran a 10.46 @127 wich was alright i think and then 2nd time shot i launched the car and the axle snapped... this is bad bc this weekend we have the Etown div race and ive been waiting since i was 10 to race this track and now i might not be able bc the new rear end might not be here on time... other then all this im working full time with frank now wich is good and making good money but im tired and im off to bed

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2004-08-20 23:44 (link)
Update about something...God Damn...About your hot nights of sex or something...

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