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Joy (joy_the_poet) wrote,
@ 2005-02-21 02:14:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:Ørkenens Sønner - "Landmandssketch"/Ørkenens Sønner

    The Companion Fics ("Underneath Your Clothes"/"Mirar Para Adelante")
    Story title: "Underneath Your Clothes"
    Rating: PG-13
    Warnings: Some kissing, caressing and mention of nudity. Nothing major.
    Fandom: RP songfic.
    Main character(s): Billy Boyd/original
    Author: Unna
    E-mail: Leave a comment...
    Chapters completed: One-shot
    Brief summary: Billy have some silly doubts, but get a positive confimation.
    Disclaimer: Billy and Dom belong to themselves. The song, "Underneath Your Clothes", belongs to Shakira and her gang. No profit is made from this.
    Notes: Inspired by the drabble earlier.
    Archive: Besides this community: Perfect Bloom archive site, my Blurty, and the Message Archives and Files sections of PtlD, BillyBoydRealm, dominunison, and PerfectBloom.

    You're a song
    Written by the hands of God
    Don't get me wrong cause
    This might sound to you a bit odd
    But you own the place
    Where all my thoughts go hiding
    And right under your clothes
    Is where I find them

    She heard the door close behind him. He dragged himself into the apartment, only to find her standing lazily leaned against the kitchen table with a bowl of food in one hand and a pair of chopsticks in the other, shoveling the Asian cuisine they both loved so much into her mouth as only she could do it with a pair of chopsticks. She looked up to find the look of a disappointed, wet puppy on his face.
    "Oh honey, you said you'd be working late tonight! I didn't think we'd be eating dinner together."
    "But ye made food in the wok, and I'm home now!" it sounded in a clear Glaswegian accent. She couldn't help but smile at him. She knew how his job exhausted him. He loved it, but it was hard work.
    "I know," she smiled, "and I made extra - just to make sure there was some left for when you got home!" She put down the bowl and chopsticks to get him some food. Before she could do anything else, he walked over and embraced her. She broke away when she heard his tummy rumble and got him a bowl of rice and whatnot. He was already standing with a fork in his hand - he had never really learned how to eat with chopsticks.

    Underneath Your Clothes
    There's an endless story
    There's the man I chose
    There's my territory
    And all the things I deserve
    For being such a good girl honey

    The TV was running. An award ceremony was on. A familiar face appeared on the screen - and the name tag in the bottom of the screen confirmed it: Dominic Monaghan - 'Charlie'/Lost. Billy's face lightened up at the sight of his beloved friend. She slipped her arms around him and put her head on his shoulder with a smile on her face, and felt his harms hug her while he helt his eyes on the screen.

    Because of you
    I forgot the smart ways to lie
    Because of you
    I'm running out of reasons to cry
    When the friends are gone
    When the party's over
    We will still belong to each other

    Billy hung up the phone as she was writing the last text message on her phone - 'See ya at work - I'm going to bed!' - and sent it off to her friend.
    "How is he?" she asked.
    "Fantastic. He was on his way to party with the rest of his cast." He sat down and sighed, "It was really nice hearing his voice again."
    "Yeah, I can imagine. It's been a while, huh?"
    "Yeah... I kinda miss him..."
    She remembered the last time Billy and Dom had been together - they were practically inseperable. It had been the first time Billy had introduced her to any of the LotR-cast as his girlfriend. She had been more than accepted by the people from the production, and it had been that night when Billy fully realised what he had - everybody seemed to court her - and in the cab later that night told her he loved her.

    Underneath your clothes
    There's an endless story
    There's the man I chose
    There's my territory
    And all the things I deserve
    For being such a good girl honey

    He looked at her. Even through tired eyes this late at night he had no problem seeing a beautiful girl beside him in the couch. He wondered, as always, what was going on behind those wonderful eyes of hers. He remembered how much he wanted to kiss those gorgeous lips while running his hands down her well-shaped body. He often seemed to catch himself wondering...

    I love you more than all that's on the planet
    Movin' talkin' walkin' breathing
    You know it's true
    Oh baby it's so funny
    You almost don't believe it
    As every voice is hanging from the silence
    Lamps are hanging from the ceiling
    Like a lady to her good manners
    I'm tied up to this feeling

    "A penny for your thoughts?..." she smiled.
    "Nothing," he sighed, smiling back.
    "Liar!" she laughed, slapping his shoulder, "I can tell you're lying! Now spill it!" How he loved her laugh.
    "I was just wondering... No, you'll think it's silly..."
    "No, come on," she encouraged him.
    "Promise you won't laugh?"
    "Promise!" she smiled.
    "I... I just can't help thinking that I'm not good enough. I mean, that I'm not good enough for you." The smile had suddenly gone from her face - she looked worried.
    "Why would you think such a thing? You... You're not breaking up, are you?"
    "No," he smiled, "I'm not that stupid." She sighed with relief.
    "Billy, you're the best thing that ever happened to me." She moved a bit closer to him and cupped his face with her hands. "You're the most amazing man I've ever met, and you don't have to doubt for a second whether you're good enough for anyone or not - regardless what my brothers say." He couldn't help but laugh at that last statement, having a sister himself.
    She leaned over and kissed his lips, then pulled him up from the couch leading him to the bedroom. They kissed and caressed eachother as they undressed, throwing their clothes in random directions, until they collapsed on the bed.

    Underneath your clothes
    There's an endless story
    There's the man I chose
    There's my territory
    And all the things I deserve
    For being such a good girl honey

    She ran her hand over his face and through his hair. He smiled vaguely as his eyes were slowly closing, letting sleep take over. As a last thing, he managed to crawl into her, burying his face partially by her keybone. She kissed his hair as she felt his breath getting slow against her chest.
    "I love you so much, Billy," she whispered as she wrapped herself around him. A couple of seconds after, he snored quietly, and soon they were both sound asleep - two naked bodies against each other.

    Underneath your clothes
    There's an endless story
    There's the man I chose
    There's my territory
    And all the things I deserve
    For being such a good girl...

    Story title: "Mirar Para Adelante"
    Rating: PG
    Warnings: Menion of drugs, flirting, and dancing
    Fandom: RPF (Real Person Fic)
    Main character: Dominic Monaghan
    Supporting characters: Billy Boyd; Beyoncé Knowles
    Author: Unna
    Feedback: Leave a comment...
    Chapters completed: One-shot; Companion fic to "Underneath Your Clothes".
    Brief summary: Dom reviews his immediate past and future and gets a call from Billy.
    Disclaimer: Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd, Beyoncé Knowles, Madonna, Orlando Bloom, Elijah Wood, LotR cast/crew and Lost cast/crew belong to themselves respectively.
    "Vogue" ("Strike A Pose") belongs to Madonna & Co., "Adelante" belongs to Sash! & Co.
    I do NOT own Mtv, PlayStation, LotR or any rights related to the books or movie (besides reading and watching my private copies), nor do I on New Zealand - I simply don't have that kind of money.
    And now that I'm at it, I am in no way making money from this.
    I *do* on Billy's girl, though - no, I'm not talking Alison Makenna here, but an original - read more about that in "Underneath Your Clothes".
    Notes: I have most of the translation form - except for one line; Thanks to everybody who came with help and well-intended suggestions on "pierdas"! And yes, I did mess a little with a couple of terms besides that - feel free to correct me on those. And everything else regarding grammar - my A and Space keys don't always work, and the W key is even worse. Plus, I didn't have a beta.
    Archive: Besides this community: Perfect Bloom archive site, my Blurty, and the Message Archives and Files sections of PtlD, BillyBoydRealm, dominunison, and PerfectBloom.

    Oye, piensa en tu futuro, no pierdas mas tiempo! (Listen! Think about your future! Don't waste more time!)
    ¿Por que? (Why?)
    Porque la vida es corta. (Because life is short.)
    Dejame en paz, dejame solo, yo vivo hoy no miro para atras (Leave me alone, let me be, I live for today, I don't look back)
    Pero piensa que es muy importante mirar para adelante (But remember, it's very important to look forward)

    He was finally out again - 'Almost like in "the old days",' he thought to himself, referring to the days on New Zealand, and the days promoting Lord of the Rings, attending movie premieres and award shows. Stopping, striking a pose (he suddenly heard Madonna echo in his head), signing an autograph - occasionally on the chest of a raunchy fan, giving a brief interview to an Mtv VJ...
    The only difference this time around was that the LotR had stepped aside for Lost. He sort of missed having Orlando and the other hobbits around him on the red carpet to strike a silly pose or hang onto when signing autographs - there were no chick magnets like Orli and Lijah. But it was not like he needed them to drag attention to his person after the premiere of Lost. He had no idea whether to be bothered or sigh with relief; He couldn't help but envy the two of them - they had filmmakers falling over each other to get to them. And Dom? Well, he had had himself, some stash, and a PS console for an entire year because of a damn agent who had no idea what he was doing.

    ¡Adelante! (Go on!)
    ¡Dejame! (Leave me alone!)
    (Que viva la vida) (Live your life)

    He got "pulled over" by a pretty, chocolate brown lass, who he recognized as Beyoncé Knowles. Such a charming woman she was. She was asking about Lost, LotR, and did he still keep in touch with his old LotR co-stars? They were smiling, flirting, as he always did on the red carpet, not knowing - nor really caring - who were watching, and always carrying his friends from New Zealand in his heart.

    Piensa que es muy importante mirar para adelante. (Remember, it's very important to look forward.)

    He was actually relieved to land Lost. He had been lucky. He had something to do, something to wake up to. He loved what he was doing, and the best thing about it was working in such a beautiful place. And getting paid for it. That was enough to keep him away from the most intoxicating things. Except for sex and beer, of course. He laughed a little to himself by the last thought.
    Lost did well at the award show that night. No matter what, they were all proud of each other, whatever they might have won, whoever might have won, or if it was just nominations. Although it could never be like LotR, they were still close and supportive of each other.

    ¿Para donde? (Where?)
    ¡Coño! ¡Para Adelente! (Anywhere! Go on!)
    ¡Ah! (ríe) (Ah! (laughs))

    They walked out on Cloud 9 afterwards. They were heading for the afterparties. As he walked on, his cell phone rang. He picked it up - it was Billy in the other end. He had just spotted him on the telly while relaxing with his girl. They had a wonderful talk while Dom was walking alongside his Lost co-stars. They briefly went over their script on the phone - reminding each other of the moments inspiring them, of the people they made loose deals with about the making of the film itself, etc. They couldn't wait to start filming.

    ¡Que viva la vida! - ¡Adelante!
    ¡Que viva la vida!

    They all let loose. They were dancing, drinking, laughing. Dom had his sense of when enough was enough, and after a while, he made his unnoticed exit.

    ¡Que viva la vida!

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