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Ceadsearc (ceadsearc) wrote in journalreviews,
@ 2003-06-19 11:48:00
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    priapus' review

    Main: Worth 10 points each

    Intelligence: 9/10 This was one of those few journals on Blurty that got me hooked the first second and got stuck. The use of the language, the thoughts, even the choice of surveys and the answers given show intelligence. priapus occasionally expresses political opinions, which are well grounded. His reasoning and the quotes he uses reflects on what is inside his head, which is more than I first expected.

    Emotional Value: 7/10. One thing I like is the mood icons that match the entries. Some entries like this one and this one were touching.... Some other entries describe priapus' feelings at the moment. There is anger, sadness, mischievousness.....

    Individuality: 8/10 The most unique thing about this journal is the fact thet priapus lets his opinion heard. He links to other communities, thus giving the reader a wider understanding of him, and though from first reading I thought, "Here is your average gay intellectual," but soon I had to realize that he was more than that. He seems to be interested in most everything. He is passionate about issues OTHER than Pride, which I find very positive.

    Customization: 4/10 Ouch, this one hurt. Okay, so a default style with a background that is mostly blocked by the text box. The comment links are changed, and so is the colour scheme, though it is very hard to read the links' texts with that bright blue. This is an Early Adopter account, and though I myself don't play around much with styles there could have been some simple things to make it a really great looking journal.

    Courtesy and grammar: 10/10 Okay, so great grammar. Great spelling. I cannot really recall typos. Quizes are behind cuts, some surveys are as well. The rest adds to the flavour of the journal. Provides links to things he is talking about. Couldn't find anything to bug me here.


    Sub Categories: Worth 5 points each

    Journal mechanics:

    Bio: 4/5 The bio is a tarot card. The wording and info are interesting.

    User Pics: 5/5 All six pictures are used. They all follow one theme, and two of them match the layout. Sources are given.

    Contactability: 3/5. AIM, Yahoo given. A Blurty community is given as website. No e-mail. Comments are enabled. No location.

    Quantity: 2/5 Now the 47 entries are sporadic, sometimes going two weeks without updating. priapus mentions that he has several blogs, so this one might not take first priority.

    Blurty Involvement: 5/5 82 interests, 65 friends (some of those are the 30 communities he is a member of, at least one of those are official and at least one he maintains), 578 comments posted, 340 received, (he is really good with replying to comments) and a support point!


    Journal Style:

    Impression: 5/5. I really enjoyed this journal. Of course you need a certain mindset to do so.

    Sense of Humour: 2/5. I am not saying that priapus has no sense of humour. I am saying this journal is not for making the reader laugh. But there is wit.....

    Style: 5/5 As I mentioned earlier this journal was a great read.

    Opennes:4/5 The journal is friends only. However there are legitimate reasons for that. He seems to be really open at times and not at all sometimes.

    Bonus: 5/5 Just one of my favourite reads so far. I'd like to keep priapus on my friends' list.


    Total Score:78

    0-19 Worst Journal Ever
    20-29 Horrible
    30-39 Really Awful
    40-49 Awful
    50-59 Not Too Good
    60-65 So So
    66-75 Average
    76-80 Cool
    81-84 Good
    85-89 Very Good
    90-94 Excellent
    95-99 Elite
    100 Extremely Elite (Perfect)

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(Deleted post)

2003-06-19 10:00 (link)
Sorry for taking so long. I got into the habit of readin every journal twice with a few days in between just to get a real feel of it....

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2003-06-19 10:03 (link)
There's no need to apologize--I'm happy you enjoyed reading my journal.

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2003-06-19 10:07 (link)
May I keep you on my buddy list?

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2003-06-19 10:39 (link)
Sure! :)

(Reply to this) (Parent) (Thread)

2003-06-19 08:15 (link)
Wow, that was more than what I expected. Thank you for the great review, and thanks for taking the time to go over my journal. Thank you!

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