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joshu adavis (joshuadavis6549) wrote,
@ 2012-04-25 02:34:00
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    Review of San Diego iPhone Software for Tourists and Locals!
    Planning a trip? Hoping to come to Southern California? San Diego is a fabulous city right on the border with beaches, golf, hotels, zoos, and wonderful evening lifetime. There is something for the whole family!

    Any modern tourist must use the comforts of the iPhone or any smartphone to truly have a trustworthy guide of the location with them constantly. There are several tour guide sort San Diego iPhone apps which are available for download. Therefore, I were going to give a review and breakdown of these different apps, so that you can receive the many through the coming trip, or when you are a nearby maybe you might get the most wonderful fresh "spot"!

    1.) San Diego Way - The first app we are going to consider offers the consumer with a comprehensive list of groups such as hotels, bars, restrooms, evening lifetime, etc., which can assist slim the search. When a category is selected the consumer can look for a spot by area or name. Overall, the application offers a truly comprehensive list of attractions and places which might benefit anybody striving to find something to do in SD. But, this application is truly such as yelp, however it does not give the extensive reviews like yelp. I would therefore recommend which you stay away from this application and employ yelp for its like features.

    - Price: Free

    2.) San Diego Essential Guidebook - This application is definitely the best out the cluster. It was crafted with a travel journalist which lives in Southern California. So, the writer utilized her familiarity with the location and knowledge of the field to place together a wonderful San Diego application. The Essential Guidebook offers users a list of over 150 spots or escapades which can then be sorted by area, sort or name. The list highlights broad regions for travelers, but additionally points out several distinctive places such as a speakeasy in the gaslamp for locals. Overall, this application had fabulous photos, ideas and places.

    - Price: $2.99

    3.) San Diego Travel Guidebook - The final application is possibly the worse resource from the 3 as it attempts to a little each by providing groups and places. However, the descriptions are very weak and nothing from the normal is featured for travelers or locals.

    - Price $0.99

    I hope that it review assists you get the ideal San Diego iPhone application guide to get to recognize the location better or for planning a trip. It is essential today to utilize the energy of the smartphone to help any city navigator find their way around town!

    IPhone Apps Guide
    iPhone apps guide

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