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Joker (jokersarewild) wrote,
@ 2004-02-09 20:20:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:Telepathic people- The Adicts

    Har Dee Har Har! Last night I drew one of the best pictures I have Ever Drawn, thats right kiddies. Here it is

    Ah, Monkey is terribly amusing. My brother saw it and he said "Oh god!" in a horrifying manner. I think hes scared of Monkey. I love Monkey! Just look at that damn face. Hahaha he looks like a Happy Monkey. Im gonna use those iron-on transfer paper things to make a pillow case with monkey's face on it! haha that would really creep my brother out. Hahah I should make Monkey slippers too. HAHA and Pajama Pants! Accept I dont wear pajamas- I sleep in my clothes...oh well

    God damnit everytime someone sees that picture they think hes that joker from batman. What the Fuck? oh well, I cant blame them. Me and like 5 other kids at school are the only ones at school that truly like the adicts. Its not their fault that they arent aware of who the adicts are

    Oh yea and after school today Some kids were playfully pushing Jack around since they like make fun of people who hurt others for the way they look. We like to say he looks like a skinhead so everyone jokes around and goes "Look at that Nazi! Lets get him!" haha its so funny. Everyone likes to hurt that poor bald kid. hahaahha.

    HAHAH my brother got a job at a restaraunt and he has to wash dishes and make salads HAHAHAHAHA!!

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