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Joker (jokersarewild) wrote,
@ 2004-02-25 16:06:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:Punks & Skins- Blanks 77

    By far, the greatest adventure ever
    Last night A global threat, The casualties and some other bands were playing in Richmond. Brian's dad drove the whole gand down there- Sean, Brian, Vanessa, Kelly, Cassie and I. When we got there we had to wait outside for a few minutes. In the meantime, Sean's friend Eric showed up. That kid is fucking tall, and a foot high mohawk adds to his height.

    Inside the club, there were some cool people there. I saw this one girl that looked like Alaine from the Devotchkas, only a little younger. Hahah and there was this guy who looked like he would be in The Havok. I admit this was the first non-local band concert I've ever been to. The people there were just as interesting as the bands themselves. One ass had to say "I havnt seen this many stupid haircuts in a while", the ignorant asshole.

    So later on, some dumbass band was trying to play "Songs of praise" but it really sucked. We were hanging out at the pool table and Eric came up and poked Vanessa, Cassie and I with his hair. How silly. Then he came over to me and started saying something but I couldnt hear a word he said. I think it was important too cause he was leaning on my shoulder as if he had something important to say. Oh well I dont knwo what it was he was saying so i just nodded and tossed in the ocassional snicker.

    We went up to the stage when A Global threat was about to come on. So they set up and stuff, and came on. I forget what their first song was but then all of a sudden some shithead pushed me. I fucking hate when people push me out of nowhere. I started pushing people back and tried to kick em. But to my unfortunate dismay, I got pulled, yes pulled, backwards. I fell down on my ass. Cassie said she pulled me up. I stayed up for a while while people were hopping around. Its hard though, when most of the people there are like 25-30 year old merciless skinheads. vanessa got knocked down pretty good and a bunch of people crowded over her. I started to go look for Cassie when all of a sudden some poophole punched this skinhead and he came flying at me 164,000 miles per hour. He ran in to me and I stumbled backwards. It took me like 5 minutes to actually fall down cause of all the people, but i fell right on my back. Just as about 10 really large people were about to fall on me, some random guy picked me up. Later, I realized who this shifty character was none other than Rick From the Casualties! LMAO. Wow! Rick saved my life! lmao, I sure owe him. I just found that very funny. Hahah I should folow him around and say "But rick, I OWE you!". Then again I dont want to bug the fuck out of him, and besides, everyone helps the people who fall down and this time rick happened to be there. I went back to the front of the stage. I saw the dick that punched the guy into me and I kicked him in his fucking knee. That fucker. I know this was supposed to be a mosh pit but you dont fucking punch people. That takes all the fun out of it. Then this fucking huge guy jumped off the bleachers onto all of us. We were looking at the stage and this ass came at us from the side! He landed right on my fucking neck and kicked some guy in the face, so went to the side of the stage where Cassie was. And Im glad I did.

    After A global threat was done some guy said "You suck!" and the singer said "I know". It was so funny. Then Jake came in through the door that was like 10 feet away from me and Cassie. He stood right in front of us, tee hee. Some guy told him to jump up on stage and Jake said "No I cant, I'll rip my pants!" hahaha but he got on anyway, and he had a drink in his hand and when he jumped up, some of it spilled on me. Hahahaha.

    Then Jorge came in and stood right in front of me and cassie. It was really strange seeing him in person. It was like meeting a dinosaur or something. He was there for about five minutes. Cassie touched his bullet belt, and for some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to smell his back...what the fuck? I dont know where I got that from. Hahaha he smelled like 7-11. I guess knowing that Jorge smells like 7-11 is worth my stupidity. Then he jumped up on stage.

    The crowd went absolutly Crazy-go-nuts. Iv'e never seen anything like it in my life. They were crowd surfing and they were flying like 10 feet up in the air. It was fucking fantastic. There was a lot of fuckin energy in that room that night, oh yes. I took a really cheap ass video of part of the show, its not too bad though.

    Hahah that concert was the most heroic thing Ive ever seen. Their last song was "Punks unite" and like 20 people went on stage and sung along with Jorge. Some other songs they did were Punk Rock Love, Nightmare, and fight for your life. I forgot the other ones they did. Wow, what a great night! Hahah between one of the songs Jorge was talking about like "In my country, we call it football, but here you call it soccer". I have no idea why either. Ha Ha Ha, Oh Jorge, your such a jokester. hahah then I saw Eric Jumping around. His hair had completely fallen down and he looked like a pony. Ive never seen a mohawk that tall when its down...hmmmm..

    After most people had left, I picked up some stuff people had left behind. I got some studs, a lighter and a bullet from someones bullet belt. Jorge was signing stuff, and someone was on stage- I couldnt see who it was- people were crowding over him. I guess it was meggars cause Jake was at the bar.

    Well, my neck hurts like a bitch, and I have a huge bruise on my knee, but it was worth it.

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