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johnny clue (johnathanxd) wrote,
@ 2007-08-23 20:40:00
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    in the alley, in the dark of night...
    you stood there with this look in your eye. the gun slipped out of your hand and you fell to your knees crying out that you were sorry. tears fell from your eyes like a waterfall. i stood there. i remember thinking that this might be a trick. i didn't know you. i had no reason at all to trust you. a few moments earlier you tried to rob me. i could taste the blood on my lip from where you hit me.

    but there you were, on your knees. your face was buried in your hands. the gun lay right beside you. i knew that if you intended to take my life, you would. i walked over to you and stood before you. your eyes met the glow of the street light and you raised your hand to shield the light. i knelt down and picked up the gun. the bullets hit the ground with a echoed ping as i emptied the barrell. i handed the gun back to you.

    there was one bullet left.

    i turned and walked away.

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