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johnny clue (johnathanxd) wrote,
@ 2006-07-18 13:06:00
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    Current mood: blank

    to a friend, a mentor, a brother.
    dear reggie,
    when we first met at the rancid show in california. i remember giving you bar napkins for your bleeding nose and apologizing for elbowing you. you laughed it off, introduced yourself and automatically knew i was not from around there. you took me under your wing and because of you, i actually liked my brief relocation to california. when i told you i was moving, you threatened my father but you wished me luck and told me to never give up on myself. i remember,a few years later, we ran into one another in chicago. you didn't recognize me. this kid you knew back then was grown up. taller, fit... a man. it took you a minute to let it all click and when it did i remember not being able to breathe with your arms wrapped around me so tight. we talked, for hours. one of the best conversations i have had to date. you told me you were leaving the next morning. i met you at the airport and said a final goodbye. you told me 'i'll see you later'.

    a few years later, salt lake city, we meet again. you are standing outside of the venue, near the buses. i barely recognize you but you recognized me as i step off the bus. you jumped on my back, ecstatic to say hello. we talk for a little while the crowd moved inside. we said our part, we exchanged numbers and said, 'i will see you again.'

    not knowing that today is the day when i will see you again. no ecstatic hello, a forever goodbye. i don't know what happened between salt lake city and sunday but i do know that whatever it was, eating at you from the inside, took your life.

    descanso agora meu irmão e ve amor vida outro dia eu est contente eu começ v você um último tempo com um sorri seu cara você ve meu vida para um razão e você para sempre remanesç um peça me seu memória queim com luz um vela e dev nunca desvaneç poss seu corpo descanso paz e seu alma est livre. eu te amo love you meu irmão, para sempre e sempre.

    [rest now my brother and come to love life another day. i'm glad i got to see you one last time with a smile on your face. you came into my life for a reason and you will forever remain a part of me. your memory will burn with the light of a candle and shall never fade. may your body rest in peace and your soul be free. i love you my brother, forever and always.]

    - johnathan

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