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JimBO! (jlmunizza) wrote,
@ 2004-02-25 10:17:00
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    Current mood: anxious
    Current music:Lostprophets- Last Train Home

    i lied...
    yeah so i lied to you. i told you i probably would not update through the week, but here i am. if you really want, you can close the window and open it again on monday that way i don't look so bad for updating.

    it's HUMP DAY- and it's a special edition of hump day because its ash wednesday, no meat folks. pizza and fries for lunch, real healthy.

    anyway- since it is wednesday, that means i'm halfway through the week! tomorrow i have my business midterm (ahh!), and an english draft due. friday i have a big test in history, so as of friday at 9:51 am i'll be a very happy man.

    over spring break i'm gonna get some work done at home. i have to paint the girls' room, and do a little fixing up then painting of the basement. new furniture for both rooms comes a week from tomorrow, so it should be pretty cool when all is said and done!

    i'm sitting here with the daily news in front of me- it has the crucifixion scene from "the passion of the christ" on the cover, kinda gross. i don't know if i want to see the movie or not. it's like reading a book, then watching the movie- it ruins all of the images you had in your head by reading, plus blows scenes out of proportion in order to make it a little more "hollywood". i think certain movie topics should be off limits- like that scott peterson guy who is on trial for killing his wife (and kid i think- i'm drawing a blank). his trial isn't even over and they are working on a movie! that bothers me.

    i realized i never updated about valentines day! i got a betta fish from heather- his name is stinky. it was hilarious because she couldnt wrap him, so she made me drive to her house, i wasn't allowed to look at her or the rear view mirror, then she jumped in the back seat, and we drove to my house. well on the way he spilled a little so she was cracking up. then she made me get out of the car at my house, and go in. after i left the car she yelled at the fish "YOU STINK!" (now you know why the name is stinky) i went up to my room to get her stuff and came down to see stinky, i was so happy- it was the only thing i wanted. i got her diamond earrings, and put them in a little stuffed dog's collar (the dog's name is rover), she also got a cape may beach tag for day trips so we dont have to fight with the beach tag nazi. after that we went out to dinner- calabrasilla on route 13, it was pretty good. after that we went back to my house, cleaned out stinky's tank, then went to a party around 11. we stayed until about 130 and at that point heather went back to my house and proceded to get sick- she drank like a champ tho- she came in 3rd in survivor flip cups! tomorrow is 5 months with her- i can't believe it. and on friday we have to go to her brother's birthday party- ice skating, ugh. time to make a fool out of myself in front of her family!

    well, it's time for me to get some work done, i'll talk to you later.


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2004-03-08 20:49 (link)
update dammit! lol

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2004-03-08 23:14 (link)
I second that - UPDATE!

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