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JimBO! (jlmunizza) wrote,
@ 2004-01-07 15:52:00
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    Current mood:used
    Current music:Todd Rundgren - Bang On the Drum All Day

    first entry of 2004...
    hey i know i haven't written in a while, but not a whole lot has happened.

    new years eve was fun. i went out to dinner, then down to penns landing for fireowrks, then back here for a while and then crashed. i did a couple family things, and i've been working, so thats how ive been staying busy.

    my PC crashed, again. so it took me a little while, but its back up and running.

    eagles tix- nope. i tried with 3 phones, heather tried with 2, and joe tried too. he said he got through to arkansas at 10:14, but they sold out at 10:10. oh well, i saved $ and i get to see the game and be warm!

    i went out to lunch today with rich becky and heather. we went to chickies and had a good time. i also have a new theory on chickies- its not good. the only thing they have going for them is seafood and crabfries. they are expensive, rude, and and charge you for refills, what is this the 12th century? leave it to rich to come up with a line like that.

    today i feel like mr. mom, im doing wash, fixing the hall light, helping sam with homework, making dinner, and i have to fix the computer... yeah way to relax the last few days of vaca jim!

    last night i went to target with heather to get school supplies, tomorrow im going with joe and christine and heather to buy textbooks at lasalle.

    me and heather have an addiction to PS2. we've been playing it a lot, the bad thing is shes getting good. she even beat me in madden a couple times. im gonna have to practice so rich cant say im a disgrace to men anymore.

    time to run and do wash... oh my god im a disgrace to all men. :(

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2004-01-07 22:17 (link)
you lost to ur girlfriend in madden, gees you are a disgrace to men everywhere

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2004-01-09 17:36 (link)
I second the opinion on Chickies, but we must also put in the list of good food the buffalo cutlet. It really is my god.

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