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JimBO! (jlmunizza) wrote,
@ 2003-12-17 14:37:00
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    Current mood: peaceful
    Current music:Dave Matthews Band - What Would You Say

    the cure for boredom- blurty!
    today is pretty much a nothing day for me. i have no big plans, i'm just sort of resting- that is what vacation is for. the weather is so shitty that i just dont feel like doing anything. i did stop up at my grandmom's today beause she was sick so i was checking in on her... aren't i a great grandson? lol

    last night i went out with the fam to get a christmas tree. i wish i had a digital camera and could post a picture of the thing. its very fat, the fattest tree we've ever had. it is taking over my house, but it looks very nice. who's idea was it to buy a live tree, bring it in your house and throw lights and cheap glass and plastic ornaments on it!?

    speaking of christmas, me and my mom created the easiest way to put up lights in the windows. we built wooden frames and stapled the lights to the wood, so the lights are straight, and easy to put up and take down. i think i should market it.

    in celeberty news... i was at the mall and ran into steve coates, the announcer for the flyers. i talked to him for a good 5 or 10 minutes. hes a real nice guy. he looks shorter, heavier, and sounds more canadian in person. i told him i'd be down at the game tomorrow and i think he was a little shocked that i knew a lot about the flyers. i also was talking about my cousin who refs in the NHL so we were getting along well.

    tonight i get to finish my christmas shopping- i have to pick up 3 things for my mom and i am done... i'm very happy considering im just about broke. it's okay- pay day is tomorrow.

    all day today i have been checking lasalles website for my grades- so far i have 3 A's and a B+. i'm pretty happy with that- 2 more grades to go.

    okay time for me to go turn some wash on and put some lights on this monster of a tree in my living room! talk to you soon...


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2003-12-17 19:25 (link)

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hey it's katie.
2003-12-19 00:10 (link)
hey jim, just wanted to say hi. glad to hear you're doing good. what ever happened with your religion teacher, or whatever teacher it was who was being stupid about the attendance thing? i went to the yellowcard show last night--i met sean and ryan. i'm sure you're jealous. LOL. well enjoy your time off...happy holidays to you and your family...and tell heather i say hi!!! LOL :).

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