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كا ضم -//- Katzchen [Kaze-Chan] (jimmycrackcodes) wrote,
@ 2005-06-13 19:55:00
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    Current music:Rebecca St. James - Quiet you with my love

    I want to drape the shoulders white, hang my head beneath the cloth,
    release the soft vapors of the clear water;

    and when i lay my body aside the grass, the sweet hum of the fireflies through a magestic night.

    i want to stare up at the skies, with a glimmer of daylight, just a touch, like a painters flaw,
    just a little bit..

    I want to be silenced, by the silence of the universe,
    the complete silence of all creations of all galaxies, and the spiraling stars, as they dance in step.

    And i can feel this strong, strong urge, inside of me telling me, im ALIVE, and that im here,
    and no matter how hard things can get, there is just a breath of life, a breath of a holy spirit,
    of something deeper, something that means something, and I dont feel empty anymore.

    I want to be drapped in white cloth, to feel pure, i want to dance and rejoice, because I know i can stand again on my own,
    and i can hold my hand up, and i can hold my arm up to the skies,
    and like the stars that sing, i want to sing with them, and i want to dance with them, and be dressed by them,
    and let them catch between the fingers of my hands, finish with a warm smile as i bring my hands to my hands to feel the warmth of the cosmos, and feel victorious

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2005-06-14 09:28 (link)
pretty pictures in my mind!

I love it!

of course, I love anything having to do with stars and things like that...

As you wrote: And i can feel this strong, strong urge, inside of me telling me, im ALIVE, and that im here,

This whole entry embodies that - it makes me feel alive!


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2005-06-14 15:05 (link)
*takes the shooting star that burts from the layer of skyline*
*it shapes into a glimmery butterfly in the clasp of his hand*
*puts it in your hair, and the vibrant strands are covered in some kind of luna dust with pretty sparkles*

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2005-06-14 15:34 (link)
I love shiny sparkly things!

(think I'm part raccoon...)

I will keep the glimmery butterfly forever! =D

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