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Jill (jillybean) wrote,
@ 2003-01-30 21:08:00
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    Current mood:cheerful
    Current music:popstar*z on t.v

    TodAY baybAY


    ^-^-^ lmfaooo Brandy!!!

    Well today wuz the First day
    back to school! n the first day of second semester!! I think today went alright i think! lmaoo!! meh!!


    Well Brandy*z in ma class to start this one out!! hehe YAY!! but omfg we*re not even close to eachothter!! i almost cried i swear!! -tear- Oh man!! The stupid mother fuckers wouldn*t move over so i could sit beside her! grrr! dumb fucks!! well i can tell that i*m gonna fail that class already! lmaoo! oh well i guess! haha!! I got Mr. Allt as a teacher again!...he kept saying there*z alot of writing!! damnit!! lmao! i hate writing!!! shit imma suck!! -cries- i wanna switch to applied!! Meh oh well i*ll just try mah hardest!! So uhmm so yeah! lmao!! IT*z an aiight class i guess!!


    Well i got Ms. Hartman!! she seem*z cool! i heard she wuz a bitch! but i think she*z one of thoze teachers..that if you be good in her class n listen..then you*ll pass like flying colour*z....but on the other hand..if you get on her bad*re fucked!! lmao! so yeah i think imma just be a good gurl n stay on her good side!! lol yep me a little angel!! hehe i*ll be fine in that clas cuz i don*t have any like friendz that i get in trouble with! lmao!! so yay! but i still want friendz!! dammit! i already made one~ lmfaoOO she has an annoying laugh though! Hmm OH YEAH!! holey how cani forget this..There is this AMAZINGLY HOTT GUY in ma class guy!! holey! mel!!! you know who it iz!! wowzerz!! so gorgeous! lmaoo! his name is Mike...oh man...we went up in the school [we*re in the Portable] get sum text books..n i wuz talkin` to him for a bit! he*z sucha nice guy!! awwwy! lmao!!kai i*m done!


    Yeah that*z right i got *3rd spare* this semester!! HOORAY!! I luv it man! lmao!! i*m not used to it though yet cause i*m used to 5th...the day seems sooooo long without it but oh well!, Brandy, n Nicky went up to their normal spot [infront of J*z locka] we ate...n just like talked n shit..then Devin Grant, Darryl, n my sister came up n stayed with us for a bit..we all talked...DARRYL SAID SUMTHING REALLY MEAN TO ME!! YA YOU DARRYL!! lmfaoo!! n then we just roamed around the school looking n talking ta people*z!! yep! Tomorrow iz our SECOND HAPPIE MEAL FRIDAY!! hehehe! maybee hot window washer guy will be there again! lmao Brandy!! MMmmMmmMmM Nummie*z!! haha!! So yep we*ll have fun there! hehe!!


    Hmm Oh yea i walked into the room and holey shit this class kix MAJOR ass man!! there*z sooo many people in that class that i know!! we all got in trouble ALREADY! Lmaoo! i sit in the back with all the guys! lmfao! k hmm lemme name off the people i know in that class...k there*z:
    *Other Pat
    *Andrew..oh man i can*t think anymore!! lmfaoo! there*z more! but holey i <3 that class man! hehe! hOOray!! sooo uhmmm yeah we just talked n shit in that class!! hehe


    Hmm well that wuz an interesting class! lmaoo! There*z alot of poeple in that class too that i know! lmaoo!! hmm k i*ll name off thoze people too ...well the ones that i can remember:
    *oh mann there*z more shit i wish i had a better memory! lmao!! the teacher*z a bitch guy! lmao! Shit we can*t wear perfume...or have any scented shampoo*z in our hair..cuz she*s allergic to them. lmfao oh god!! sheeesherz!! there*z 28 people in that class!! there*z only supposed to be like 20 at the most! Lmfoaoo! but they screwed up! so yeah we ended up with a couple of niners in that class sumhow too?! lmfaoo! oh god! haha oh well! Ewwwy it stunk in there today! -coughs- nasty! there*z bitche*z in the class everywhere i tell ya! holey!! so yeah!

    ´¯`°¤.¸.¤After school´¯`°¤.¸.¤

    I had hippy hop afta school! hehe!! Yep well Melzie wuzn*t there though! hmm we just like practiced tha dance! lmfao! yep we don*t dance till Feb 14. Yep valentine*z day. hehe OOooh so sexy! <---dun ask cuz i duno! yep so anyways...we decided that we were gonna wear tank tops...i dunno if that*z a good idea though cuz we go down..n our boobs will be showing! lmao!! oh god!! n then faded pants..well i got faded pants..but they*re low rise..n it*z gonna show my ass when we go down facing the audiience..well isn*t all the guys in the audience gonna have a nice show! lmfaoo! oh man! -slaps head- OH WELL! I*ll sumhow figure sumthing out! hehehe!! So uhmm yeah i think i got the dance down! but i still gotta practice to make perfect! hehe! So yeah then after hip hop me n Brandy took tha bus home...blah! t*was yea! lol we were singing our lil rainbow songie*z! lmao! we were soo loud! haha! Oh well! so uhmm...yep then i came home n i ate sum chicken wings..they were too hot! they made my eye*z water! lmfaoo! man oh man!! they were worth it though! lmao!! HOORAY for burning my tongue off!...uhmm so yeah! i think i better go start on my homework! :P yeah i got fricken homework ON THE FIRST DAY! grrr!!

    <3 Jilly
    ´¯`°¤.¸.¤Buh Bye everyone! Comment away if you would ;) hehe!!´¯`°¤.¸.¤

    Oh sorrie Brandy but i forgot to say Thanx to Brandy..i got a Sexy Ashton Kutcher BG!! Thanx baybez!! sorrie bout how late this is! lmfao it*z been awhile since i wrote in this!! <3 ya baybez!! You tha best!!!

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