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Jetsetjunkie (jetsetjunkie) wrote,
@ 2011-01-18 15:00:00
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    Pat on the back
    Another partner asked me today if I would like to work with him on a full time basis on "K", which is a big PE fund client of our firm. I am already on "B", which is another prestigious PE fund client of the firm and K's competitor, so there are some "china wall" issues to my acceptance. There's no conclusion on my taking it up as yet, but personally, I don't think I'd be able to handle the stress that comes with being on both funds as both are very demanding clients. It'd really be the end of my weekends, holidays and any semblance of social life. While the exposure will be great, I really don't know if I'm willing to sacrifice quite that much.

    Nevertheless, it is very flattering as it does show that people trust in my ability, or at least, my potential. Probably more than they should, to be honest.

    The Mentor once told me I have to stop trying to prove myself to anyone and everyone, take it easy. Perhaps I do hanker after peoples' approvals and try to please everyone, on a subconscious level. (Remnants of daddy issues hah.) But little does she know that I don't know what I am doing most of the time. What I lack in skill I do think I make up for in grit. In other words, I'm a plodder. Haha.

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