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Jetsetjunkie (jetsetjunkie) wrote,
@ 2007-04-23 13:26:00
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    Irregardless of the bird flu...
    Every once in a while, I have some interesting clients - the few alcohol distributors, entertainment conglos and fashion houses among masses of bloody computer peripheral/ steel parts/ forklifts/you get the picture operations. The latest to request and possibly heed yours truly's tax advice is one operating luxury trains on the Beijing-Lhasa route. Surfing the company's webpage (on very legitimate reasons of understanding the client's business operations), I am tantalized by images of the snow-capped mountains of Tibet, charming Chinese pagodas and elegant bridges that one would presumably glimpse en-route. Achtung! Again, the thought of "Fuck It All" dangerously looms large on my should-have-by-now-been-white-collar-conditioned mind.

    My life is pathetic. To be stimulated as such and probably not even getting a tax advisor's discount on said client's trains for my efforts is pathetic.

    Anyway. Against all warnings of the bird flu in Cambodia - my dear Honkie and thus hypochondriacal colleagues were aghast at what could potentially lead to 1. me being quarantined for a few days and they having to pick up my workload and 2. their increased chances of contracting said illness, in that order - I'm going ahead with the end May trip. I've more or less finalised the Siem Reap leg (as final as a Gemini parting with credit card details can get), which lasts all of three days, leaving another three of either Phnom Penh or Battambang.

    Will more enlightened travellers of SEA advise on which is worthier of my limited time? I happen to have read, very promisingly, somewhere that Phnom Penh is that kinda town city that one should fly in and get out of, asap. Hence the good news for me is that I am flying directly to Siem Reap.

    These days, I am hardly disposed to rush from town to town on what are more often than not dusty, cranky diesel hazards that are cheap SEAsian buses, agonising on cratered dirt tracks roads, just to see as much as possible. Hence I could very possibly just stay in Siem Reap for the entire week, sipping mojitos by my hotel pool when the temple fatigue sets in. Ahhhhh. My only whim would be that they crush the mint leaves right.

    (That almost made me forget that I am still in white collar prison. Sigh.)

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2007-04-23 03:01 (link)
i am in deep crap...
another one bites the dust... i need to run out before the roof collapses on me!
who is your recruited in MP? can u please ask him if he has any colleague who does IB sales / trading etc.

- flatmate

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2007-04-23 03:40 (link)
I see that my blog has become a communication tool for subversive messages, lol! Replied in code in email.

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