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Jetsetjunkie (jetsetjunkie) wrote,
@ 2007-04-17 12:44:00
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    N-ancy Code
    It's been a long time since I've accumulated as much OT as I have in the past fortnight. I usually hate tax computations because their very nature suppresses any creative leanings one might have (for instance, the expenditure items have to categorised neatly and exactly like the previous year, in the same order, no deviations allowed!) and advisory work is at a standstill. But frankly, the mundane tax comps are the easiest, most effortless things to do in return for considerable chargeable hours.

    Plus, come October, I shall be wallowing in riches (hah) thanks to OT pay, all of which I will be spending on beer in Munich. Woohoo.

    A UK headhunter called, out of the blue, yesterday, regarding a specific international tax advisory role in the UK. Truth be told, I'm allowing myself to be a wee bit flattered, although I am not considering a move anywhere at this point of time. And I told her so. Strangely, I don't want to leave Hong Kong anymore. Not because anything in my life has changed that makes me want to stay, but because I simply haven't gotten enough out of Hong Kong yet. I need some time. I need to fully make use of that time.

    Besides, if the headhunters can call now, they'd be knocking down my door in a couple of years. (I wish.) But whatever it is - I am going to soldier on.

    It is the caffeine and adrenaline of churning out 2,3 comps a day. Damn I love tax filing deadlines. (I can't even tell if I'm being sarcastic.)

    Oh and I'm keeping this map on this page - I would never have guessed I had readers from some really far out places, otherwise!

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    An unfortunate update:

    It does, however seem that Hong Kong is bent on chasing me away, for hours after writing all the inspirational shite up there, I found out that Creep has become my counselling manager.

    I don't know what to say, anymore.

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2007-04-17 18:19 (link)
haha, im the red dot in chicago! -ps

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2007-04-17 20:53 (link)
Haha I figured :)) Nice of u to 'fess up

I get a bit worried when I see too many "Central, HK"s, cuz technically only my flatmate and I access this page.. definitely don't want the ex-boyfriends to know abt it hahaha!!

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2007-04-18 00:24 (link)
haha, you should start giving them code names! -ps

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