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Jessica (jesseekah) wrote,
@ 2003-09-17 17:16:00
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    Current mood: sore
    Current music:"Konstatine" by Something Corporate

    PAIN...OH THE PAIN!!!!
    UGH! My foot hurts sooo bad I could scream.

    So...I asked my dad if he would give me a ride to school today, becuz muh foot hurt really bad and I dint wanna walk to the bus. So in the car hes all like "You need to quit Marching Band then...if you cant even walk to skewl...what makes u think u can march?? You need to quit" I juss looked at him and laughed...and he was like "Im serious" I was like "You would have to be crazy to think that I would quit one of the most important things in my life...Marching Band is my everything...and u dont understand..." my dad dint say another word. Yeah, Id let him make me quit, like my mom would let him make me the band would let him make me quit, and like Mr. Cramer would let me quit! HA! My dad would be crazy! Just cuz he dont take interest in what I do...doesnt mean that its Not important to me. UGH! Parents these days!!

    Afta and my dad took a tomatoe to my grandma...cuz she had a craving for one...and then from there we went to the Podiatrist....and they took X-rays...and messed around wif my foot...I wanted to kick the guy in the face (wif my good foot). Then he put a cortozone shot in muh foot...oh it hurt so bad..and as hes doing dad is talking to him about Baseball. But I did notice how me dad wasnt even looking at the doctor when he was talking to him...he was staring at at the ground. My dad hates needles. My mom was surprised when I told her that i dint cry er scream...when I got it...cuz shes had them b4 in her shoulder...and she said that they are very very very painful. Well, Im feeling it now...and I wanna scream so bad. I have to get surgery over Christmas Break...there goes Winterguard...8'(

    Afta all that fun dad took me out to it was good...David's New York Deli...yummy! And then I came home...and went to up..and watched William open his presents...aww I love muh Will.

    I should be getting ready fer practice rite now. I have to be there in a half hour.

    Oh...guys I wont be online tonite...afta practice....I have to study fer my Biology Test and my Algebra test, and its a game day in Mr. Gordon's class tomorrow. And I definitely need to study. So...yeah..G'nite y'all!


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2003-09-18 17:57 (link)
If I had to get a shot in my foot I would be crying like a baby! I hate needles!! I hope your foot gets better!!! AND U CANT QUIT MARCHING BAND!!!
Love ya,

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2003-09-18 18:53 (link)
Thnx Robin...I dint cry...I juss grinded my teeth...No...I aint quitin...I talked to my mom bout it..and she laughed at him...and was like "dont worry bout it..."

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