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Jessica (jesseekah) wrote,
@ 2003-09-01 02:13:00
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    Current mood: pleased
    Current music:"Still Frame" by Trapt

    Jeepers Creeper...where'd ya get those peepers...Jeepers Creepers..where'd ya get those EYES! this morning...muh mom wakes me up and asks if I wanna go out to breakfast. So I get up and get ready...and we go to the Village Coney Island [Good Food] Then from there we went up to the see my grandma...she cant really talk well cuz her throat was really dry today I guess. My mom let me push her in a wheel chair today...she wouldnt let me do it last time...cuz the time b4 that..I was goin really fast wif her in it..and running her into walls. And so she wouldnt let me push her anymore...but she let me today. I was being a good girl. Then afta the hospital we went to Aunt Sabrina's and she wasnt home again..then we went to Pam's and she wasnt home again...then we went home. My mom sent my sister up to the gas station to get some gas in a can fer the lawn I could cut the she did that...I cut the front...and my mom weedwacked the back yard..and I cut the back yard...and I got stung by a god damn bee...I almost stung me rite in the ankle.
    Afta that...I came inside and took a shower...and then got ready..and headed off to Lisa's..we were watching DCI Wolrd Finals...and then Nathan and Wesely came over...then everyone started coming over. Chris K, Ryan W, Aaron K. we were all ova..and Chris was showing us how they march ova at U of M. They do like High Stepping and stuff..its like utterly amazing!
    Then we all piled downstairs to watch Jeepers Creepers 1...we ordered pizza and ate that all up as we watched the skary movie [me and nathan had already saw it]
    Po Ho Po Po Po Po Staton
    LMAO NATHAN! haha that was great "Did I hear u purr?" ::Purr:: lol THen Julie and ALex and Kyle showed up afta the movie ended..and we all took off fer Canton 6.

    I saw Robin shes soo funny. She yelled at me and LIsa to get into her Robin..I should get used to u waiting on me. Lol She was so excited to go and break up ppl making out in the theatre. And..then we finally all get seated in the theatre...the movie is starting...and I see Robin walk down the aisle...and then like a skary part comes on the screen...and u see Robin Go RUNNING back out the theatre...I was laughing soo hard.

    The movie was sooo skary....I couldnt handle it...I was burying my face into Nathan's arm. I think I cut his circulation off. It was funnie tho. I had a blast. And me and Lisa were dates! HEHE

    Then afta the movie we all went back to, wesely and kyle all got back b4 anybody else..and Lisa calls and says they ran outta gas. So Mr. Shuryan gave Weseley a gas can...and me and Wes ran it up to them They were at the gas station at Ford and Sheldon. And Lisa had been touched by an "angel" as she says...she said he was sooo "pretty" lol I love ya Lisa! We got Alex all filled up...and followed him to another gas he would have enuff gas to make it home. Then me, wes, and lisa went back to her house. We all sat downstairs and talked till 1...adn then Wes took me home. I had an awesome day!


    Ryan~Thanx fer bein there fer me...Im always here fer u..ur the bestest friend a girl could have!!!!!!

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2003-09-01 11:45 (link)
I AM NEVER DOING A THEATER CHECK FOR A SCAREY MOVIE EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! AND I did get to break up the people making out!!! YEAYY!!! AND BEN IS FRICKEN HOTTTT!!!! hehe

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2003-09-01 12:53 (link)
lmao Robin...yeah Ben is hot! lol I was laughing soo hard at

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2003-09-01 19:07 (link)
well...we dont really know. Shes a had a couple heart attacks...and we dont know whats keeping her alive...shes a strong woman. The doctors are thinking of releasing her from the hospital tomorrow. So my mom has to move her back into the nursing home tomorrow..but we dont know how much long she'll have. I mean she could have a day...a week...a month maybe. I one knos. It really sux. She cant hear anymore...and her voice is starting to go...:-/ dunno anymore. Thanx fer caring...I really appreciate it. Maybe my whole family should get together and eat!

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2003-09-02 21:33 (link)
yeah....shes a strong woman...according to my mom she has had 4 heart attacks. some were minor..others wernt. I dunno...skary tho...very...shes soooo strong!

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