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Jessica (jesseekah) wrote,
@ 2003-08-31 02:21:00
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2003-09-01 10:54 (link)
Hey girlie jus love readin your journal you have so much fun all the time:o) Anyways I thought Id comment on this one......Goin up in the air for cheerleadin in "stunts" or in ppls hands lol is not as near scary as it looks! The only time it sucks is if ya fall and shit does that time I feel from all the way up there to the hard wooden floor in the gym no mat or nuttin I balled my eyes out couldnt breathe and to top it off I couldnt sit for a week cuz my ass bone hurt lmao lol so yea thought Id put that in there...even though ppl are gunna be like "did we ask to hear about some stupid cheerleader in jessicas journal" lol Im not stupid and Im jessicas friend lol buh bye girlie love ya!

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Re: Jess
2003-09-01 15:20 (link)
haha thats awesome...well...I do have to say ya guyz have to be brave...cuz I think afta I would fall once...I would never go back up! lol But thats juss me...I like staying down on the ground (marching band=good...always on the ground) But then again theres always that possibilty fer one of the Guard pplz flags/rifles/sabre to come down on top of me...instead them cathcing...or backwards marching and marching on ur heals..that'll get u everytime...U fall on ur ass...and everyone laughs. Yeah...but ya guyz rock!!! :-)

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