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Jessica (jesseekah) wrote,
@ 2003-08-31 02:21:00
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    Current mood: distressed
    Current music:"Eviction Notice" Lawrence Arms

    Sorry I havent updated in a longwhile bout whats goin on. Ok here..Thursday we had a football game to play at...well Dave was pissin me off...and I had asked him nicely to at least hold on to muh inhaler till we got to the stands...cuz I dint wanna take my gloves off...then undo the buttons..then undo my jacket and find the up my jacket, rebutton it...then put my gloves back on. But noooOOOOoo he made me do that. So then while we're in the stands...Brian kept yellin at us every 5 seconds. But what I really hate was how...he would say "Section Leader you should know better" 1) my name ISNT section leader...its JESSICA! 2)Section Leaders arnt perfect...we do make mistakes!

    The half time performance wasnt really bad...but it was good. Some of the cheers that the Cheerleaders looked a lil skary...where they go up and stand on pplz that would skare the shyz outta me.

    Then afta the game..I changed outta my geek uniform...and get back into my civilian clothes and went out wif the rest of the band to Red was fun. Me and Trisha had a nice long to how bad I felt fer treating her like shit last year...and so on and so on. Trisha is a really good person...shes awesome. Then afta, steve, Trisha, and Amanda went to Krogers and walked around there. And then Steve dropped me off at home.

    Then Friday...I went up to the hospital wif my visit my grandma...and I cried lots...then I went over Steves fer his lil going away party...and me and sean got in a huge fight...and so he went home...and I stayed and said buh byes to muh bestest friend Steven...and then came home and called Ryan..and talked to him fer awhile.

    Then Saturday...I woke up and got ready..and me and my mom went up to the hospital to see my grandma..then my mom took me out to lunch at Famous Daves...omg the food was juss incredible...I loved it. I wanna go back there sometime. Then we went home and I talked to becky, and she asked if I wanted to go Kassandra picked me and Robin up and we went to Beckys and waited fer lil bit. Then we went to Vision Lanes..and I won the first game against becky...and then the second game becky beat me. It was a lot of fun. It was me, matt, stacy, robin, kassandra, becky, Danielle, Kim and Mike. We all had a good time. Then on the way home..we stopped at Taco Bell..and I got a numba 7...and then we dropped Robin off..then me...

    and I went over to Seans lil party and he kicked me out. What a bastard. I dint come to see him..I only came to see Stephanie and steve. And Sean sees me and is like "who invited that bitch...shes a fucking whore I dont want her in my house...stupid bitch...fuckin whore.." all that good stuff....and he went on saying how he wasnt my friend anymore...and how he hated me. Well...Im glad he said all that...cuz...drunk er not....I know he meant it. But yet how quickly he god damn quickly he fergets. How I was there when his dad found he had cancer...I was there every time Brandon dint say I love you back..I was always there fer him. ALWAYS!!...but hes so quick to throw me away as a friend. How much u wanna be he dont even kno my grandma is in the hospital? He said he was mad cuz I never call him anymroe...well 1) when the fuck would I have time to call him? He never wants to talk to me anyways. When I call him hes always like "OOH its u..." and doesnt talk. and 2) HE NEVER CALLS ME!!! why the fuck should I call all the time. What is his damn fone broke? I doubt it! Another thing that bothers the many and many of years Ive spent sticking up fer his ass when eva ppl called him Gay...and then to find out hes gay...and he doesnt even appreciate me standing behind matter what he, straight, bi...I dun even kno anymore. I talked to my mom about it...and my mom said that hes choosing the wrong path to go down...I guess he smokes now too..great how wonderful is that? EW! I cant stand it. Hes going down hill..and hes going fast. And there is no fucking excuse fer it either. He cant say well "I smoke/drink...cuz my life is hard' well news to u sean...EVERYONE has a rough life..ur not the only open ur damn eyes! He would never be able to survive in my anybody elses shoes fer that matter. As far as I see him that all he cares about is himself. I dont understand him anymore...I really dont. We at one time used to be great I juss cant stand anything he does. I really cant...bcuz it hurts to see how hes transformed from being that great kid...that I used to know and being some guy who only cares about himself er the things close to him...and anything else can go to hell.

    Well...what eva..Im out...g'nite

    Thnx Ryan fer always being there fer me.

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2003-08-31 07:01 (link)
Hey Jess, it's Angie. I went to Sean's tonight and he does have it pretty hard. Him and I talked about a lot of things after some scary shit went down and I think you should try giving him another chance. I think after tonight, a lot of things have been made clearer to him and he will be more willing to talk/listen. IM me if you wanna talk.


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2003-08-31 12:42 (link)

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2003-08-31 11:37 (link)
We had more fun bowling.... even know I cant bowl worth crap and then going to taco bell and Kassandra driving into the hole!! We gotta have more fun!!! Love ya Robin

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2003-08-31 12:41 (link)
lol fer sure robin! :-)

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2003-08-31 22:40 (link)
We gotta hang out more!!!!! We always have fun!!! LOVE YA!! I LOVE BOWLING EVEN THOUGH I THREW THE BALL BACKWARDS!!!

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2003-09-01 10:54 (link)
Hey girlie jus love readin your journal you have so much fun all the time:o) Anyways I thought Id comment on this one......Goin up in the air for cheerleadin in "stunts" or in ppls hands lol is not as near scary as it looks! The only time it sucks is if ya fall and shit does that time I feel from all the way up there to the hard wooden floor in the gym no mat or nuttin I balled my eyes out couldnt breathe and to top it off I couldnt sit for a week cuz my ass bone hurt lmao lol so yea thought Id put that in there...even though ppl are gunna be like "did we ask to hear about some stupid cheerleader in jessicas journal" lol Im not stupid and Im jessicas friend lol buh bye girlie love ya!

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Re: Jess
2003-09-01 15:20 (link)
haha thats awesome...well...I do have to say ya guyz have to be brave...cuz I think afta I would fall once...I would never go back up! lol But thats juss me...I like staying down on the ground (marching band=good...always on the ground) But then again theres always that possibilty fer one of the Guard pplz flags/rifles/sabre to come down on top of me...instead them cathcing...or backwards marching and marching on ur heals..that'll get u everytime...U fall on ur ass...and everyone laughs. Yeah...but ya guyz rock!!! :-)

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