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jessica (jesikah) wrote,
@ 2004-04-10 20:32:00
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    01. name: Jessica
    02. hobbies: um .. it changes all da time
    03. gender: F
    04. age: 16
    05. date of birth: dec19
    06. horoscope: saggituaris
    07. school: .. a joke
    08. address: another joke
    09. email add: too long tu tpye
    10. hair: black
    11. eye colour: black
    12. hair colour: black
    13. right or left handed: right
    14. marital status: another big joke
    15. siblings: nope
    16. last 4 digits of ur no.: 1150
    17. when's ur bedtime: lol
    18. do u hav a car: nah
    19. what type of car do you want : MC12 .. (yups, i aimwayyy too high) (p.s. gtr is reli out ar)
    20. brand of cars : ohhhhh .. lol , this is hard . i love 80% of porche's car. i love ferrari alot too. maserati is also my love too

    *have u*
    21. tried smoking: lol
    22. drink alc0h0l: lol , i tend to avoid these questins
    23. been hurt emotionally: oh god , i avoid this alot
    24. kept a secret from anyone: sureee
    25. been on stage? yupz .. lol

    26. colour: all tonez and shadez of blue
    27. food: none .. or japanese .. and chinese
    28. drinks: green tea
    29. number: 4
    30. disney: Aurora!! omg , shes sooo fukken pretti .. and belle, and and also other prinecesses (except snowwhite.. ewwww)
    31. sports: rugby, b ball ... swimming .. etc
    32. song : all da k songs .. and rnb and hiphop
    33. movie: all da ones with cecilia in it .. except two .. lol
    34. subject: -.- i love french!! wakkakakaa~~ another biggest joke on earth
    35. friend: .. lol

    *right now*
    36. wearing now: jeans n tee
    37. hairstyle: tied up
    38. looking at: screen
    39. thinking of: how to answer this question
    40. listening to: Uh-oh and nicholas

    *do u believe in*
    41. do u believe in love?: sure
    42. faith: sure
    43. urself: tried too hard
    44. ghost: love to
    45. angel: .. lol , love to .. too
    if i wanne make u throw up, i can prob answer .. "anit i alredi one??!" lol

    *in the last 24hrs*
    46. worn jeans: now
    47. cleaned ur rooms: another joke
    48. cried: actually did
    49. met someone new: actually did too @_@''
    50. last person i talk to on the phone: lol, forgot

    *love life*
    51. do u hav a gf/bf: lol
    52. haf a secret admirer: if hes secret, how would i know .. plus, prob not
    53. do u wanna get married?: at times
    54. do u plan on having kids?: at times
    55. hw old u wanna be when u get married: 30
    56. hw old u wanna be when u haf ur first child: 32
    57. how many kids do u want: 0
    58. would u hav kids before marriage: sure
    59. do u haf a crush: sure
    60. wat do u wan most in a relationship: .. lol , this is complicated

    *either one*
    61. pink or black: black
    62. kiss or hug: kiss
    63. summer or winter: summa
    64. sunny or rainy: sunny
    65. chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
    66. hanging out or chilling: chilling
    67. music or tv: music
    68. nite or day: nite
    69. guys or girls: guys
    70. slpin or eatin: sleeping
    71. love or lust: love
    72. silver or gold: silver
    73. sunset or sunrise: sunset
    74. phone or in person: both
    75. diamond or pearl: diamond

    *The person u know who is...*
    76. most blonde: jade .. but then, she dyes, or katie (not sure if she dyes or not)
    77. most caring: lol , laura ..
    78. most understandin: ... wow, this is hard
    79. funniest: alvin , or laura
    80. Helpful: i would say ... none

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