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.B.R.O.K.E.N. (jerseyzbabiie) wrote,
@ 2005-06-03 12:02:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:Fall Out Boy "My Heart Is The Worst Kind Of Weapon"

    Tuesday after school TJ picked me up and we went to tell Bryt to get ready. We went to Don's grabbed a cup of vodka and went back to get Bryt. Then we went to the pool hall just to chill there. Me and Bryt got a little buzzed and we started talking about the "stupid things guys say". Pretty hilarious. Later Shawn and Duran came down so we all departed. Shawn, Duran, and Bryt came over and I got ready to go out with them. We went back to Bryt's, and then to the tracks to have a topless photoshoot. We went to the bridge to take more and then we went back to Bryts. We were going to go to Friendly's, but it was too late so instead we went for chinese. We all came up with the plan of getting laid tomorrow so we made a pact. I called Kyle to see if he would be my layer and he said "yeah" so I was set. We went to 7-11 to see if they had any $10 cards for my phone, but they didn't. We went to my house, tried kicking down the door, but it didnt work. At about 12, everyone left.

    Wednesday I went to Bryt's and it turned out that no one was getting laid so I didnt even bother with it. Later we found out that Duran went out and fucked some ugly ass dude for our pact so we felt bad. We basicly sat on the computer the whole night and Randy's coming down the 17th to see Bryt. Awwww. I went home at about 11.

    Thursday I went to the library and I talked to Kyle. He asked me where I was the night before and I just told him I was busy. He said that I could come over tonight and we could get "laid". I stayed at the library til 8 because Sammie redid my myspace for me. Later I went home and ate. Then TJ came over, I talked to him and then got ready to go to Kyle's. I got there at about 10 and he asked me for a hug. Then we went in his room and he turned out some of his lights and he tried kissing me. I wouldn't kiss back so he kept trying to kiss me. I finally gave in because he pinned me. Then we got to it and right before he said "Are you ready?" What kind of question is that? Afterwards we sat around and talked. Out of no where he said "we never broke up" and im like "yes we did" and then he's like "Sue, will you be my girlfriend again?" I told him that it probably wouldn't work out because it hasn't before and he kept asking me repeatedly. He told me he knows that he's screwed up, but he wants to make it up to me. He said he wants to be with me "forever" and that he really does care about me. I kept avoiding it and then his friends showed up so we had to leave. We went outside and we talked for 5 minutes and he kept trying to convince me that we should be together. He started walking away and I yelled "YES" and I started walking off. He ran towards saying "yes? yes?, did you say yes?" I said yeah and he asked me if I meant it and once again, yeah. He kissed me, told me he loved me, and told me to text him tomorrow and he said that he was so happy now and walked back over to his friend's car. I got home at about 12.

    I dont know if Kyle is really changed, but it kinda seems like it. He really seemed to mean what he said, and I hope he meant it. I can't go through a week relationship again because there are actually other people who are willing to commit to me.

    ♥ Sue

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