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.B.R.O.K.E.N. (jerseyzbabiie) wrote,
@ 2005-05-10 12:09:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:Fall Out Boy "Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner"

    Saturday I woke up with the disappointment that I didnt get to go to Kyle's the night before. I called him and he was up early. He ended up falling asleep at about 7 and didnt wake up until Saturday morning. We decided we wanted to go to the mall and chill so I went to his house to get him and we waited an hour until the next bus. We jogged up there because we were gonna be late. I got tired so I just walked behind. We made out on the bus, but we stopped because a little girl was looking. LOL. We walked around for a while. We went to PacSun and I bought him a hat. I later found out that his mom gave him $50 for his birthday and we went back to get him 4 tanktops. He got an application, which he was really excited about because Ashley sounded intrested in hiring him. We went to sit down and check the bus schedule and then Kyle had to use the bathroom so I sat there alone. I saw JD walk by so I ran after him telling Kyle to follow me. We talked to him and it turns out they went to camp together, which is really fucking odd. JD had to get new sneakers so we followed him around, and then we had to leave to get on the bus. It didnt end up coming so me and Kyle just walked. It gave me more time to spend with him before he went to his Dad's. We went to Burger King to get some food, and when I went in I saw Dave drive by. We got food and started walking. We got there, we kissed goodbye, and I went home. Later Jess, Bryt, and JD showed up in front of my house, but I missed them and later I called them back and we all hung out. We went to the mall to get some batteries for Bryt's camera, went to Target, Super Wawa, Walmart and took some crazy ass pictures. We dropped Jess off and went to go meet Kyle at Jay's party, but they said that we needed $5 to get in so we just left, drove around, went to Acme, then Lindenwold High and they dropped me off. Kyle later called and he wanted to see me so he risked his life to come get me in his mom's car, which meant so much to me. We got back to his house and talked and made out. He said that he loved me, but I really didnt think he meant it. I told him that theres really no point in us getting back together because he always leaves and he grabbed me tightly and told he wont leave because he cares about me too much to leave. He also said that Ive been the best girlfriend hes ever had. Even though Kyle's messed up that gives him points and I respect him more for all that. He asked me out again, and I said yes also. The next morning I had to leave early because he had to go to his grandmother's house with his mom. I went home and went to go see our new house with Dad. I went home, ate and went to work. I called Kyle on my break and he said that he really didnt remember what happened the night before, which really upset me, so were not together, but I feel better because I dont want to be together until were both ready.
    Monday I went home early and took a nap and then went to work. I called Kyle on my break and he said that we were probably hanging out tomorrow. He was upset because he took his application back to PacSun and Ashley hardly remembered him. He was mad because she seemed interested, but then she didnt when he went back. Jess came in later and she basicly cut off all her hair. I called Kyle when I got off of work and he said he has to go look for a second job tomorrow so we might not hang out and I was a little disappointed. He said that well probably get back together in a couple weeks because he has to get settled with his second job and everything and I told him Im not going to wait forever.
    There's this part of me thats saying to move on and just get another boyfriend, but Kyle wants me to stay and so do I, but Im just so confused what I should do. I want to be with him, but I want us to be commited, not for it to last 2 weeks like it has before.

    ♥ Sue

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