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.B.R.O.K.E.N. (jerseyzbabiie) wrote,
@ 2005-03-08 12:19:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:The Early November "All We Ever Needed"

    Friday I had to work so there was really nothing to that day. After work, I went home and called Camden Jail, but they said that Kyle wasnt there so I didnt know what to do.

    Saturday I didnt end up going to the jail. I called Bryt and we decided to go to the auction. We caught the bus and walked around for hours. We got these hott belts for $5 and Bryt also got this wicca spell called Attract A Lover, but she lost it in the arcade after getting 2nd place in the motorcycle game. We left at about 7:30 and we caught the bus, perfect timing. We were going to go home, but we decided to go to the diner. On our way off of the bus, the bus driver told us if we wanted to ride the bus from the auction to the CVS on the pike it would be $1.55. He was just being a jerk beccause we were talking about riding the bus all the way until we found out it stops at the Patco Station. We went in the diner and ordered cheese fries, but we couldnt finish them. For some reason, we were both thinking about Chris and Matt the whole day and we kinda hoped to see them. Thats basicly all we were talking about, old memories. She asked me if I transferred the feelings I had for Chris to Kyle, and I said "yes" because in the beginning I did, but then I realized that I really do care for Kyle, and I think everyone can tell that my heart is devoted to him. Anyway, afterwards, we went to Burger King and got on the computers. We saw that JD was online and since he is 21, we figured we could get alcohol out of him? He picked us up and we went to go play pool. On our way in, we saw Flee and she said "Long time, no see." Seriously, we all dont like each other so why even bother talking to each other? It was me and Bryt against JD, and me and Bryt won! On our way to victory, I cut myself, LOL. I was actually pretty happy because I won the last game. Then in the car, Bryt suggested we get alcohol so we went to Cherrywood Liquor and he got us Smirnoff Green Apple Twisted. Me and Kyle went there together and he got the same exact stuff for me so I was thinking about him. We drove around and we went to my house so we could get the Used Cd and then we went back to Bryt's. We got in and her grandma went to sleep and we brought the alcohol in. We started drinking and then she came out so we hid it, but she went right back to sleep. Soon after, me and Bryt got drunk and since were both on anti-depressants it intensifies the effect. I thought of Kyle and called his voicemail all drunk and left a message claiming that I missed him about 3x. I feel pretty stupid about it now, but thats how I feel.
    In the morning, I woke up with a headache so I drank some water and aspirin. At about 2, I went home and went to work. Pretty boring actually. The whole day I had a hangover.

    Monday, HSPAs again, lame as fuck. After school, I saw Bryt walking and she had to go to Deterdings so I went with her. She got Shari to buy her ciggarettes and then I had to go home and get ready for work because I was due back in 20. The whole day people kept coming in smelling like weed and such. Pretty funny. Later, Dave Edmounds came in and he saw a sign and claimed discrimination and he got the manager. I just kept telling him to get out cause he was just trying to show off. Later I went home and left Kyle a voicemail saying that Im here for him and I dont want anything to change between us. I took a shower and then went to bed at about 1.



    ♥ Sue.

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