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.B.R.O.K.E.N. (jerseyzbabiie) wrote,
@ 2005-02-17 11:58:00
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    Current mood: anxious
    Current music:The Used "Lunacy Fringe"

    Yesterday was horrible. I cried 6 out of 8 periods and I just wanted to go home and call Kyle and talk about everything. I went home and he was in class until 5 or 6 so I just took a nap, plus the fact that I couldnt stand crying anymore. I had to go to sleep with his hoodie because I cant sleep without it =/ It goes next to my heart every night. Anyway, Sherrie later woke me up for dinner. I ate and I went to go call Kyle, but the phone wasnt working. Later it finally worked, but the static was horrible. I called anyway, but he didnt pick up when he promised that he would ='( I went back to bed and layed there and watched TV. Later he called and I was so incredibly happy to hear his voice. We talked but not for long. He said hed call back later. The phone rang and I got it, but it was Shawn. I talked to him about Duran and then Kyle called me on the other line so I talked to him. He said that we could date, but I want to be more with him. Then he had to go again, but when he called back and I answered the phone, it didnt work again. I decided to go to bed at 11 and at 11:30 the phone rang and it was him again. We talked more this time. We were talking about our age difference and sex and such. I think he wants to have sex, but I try to only have sex for love. I would if we were together, but were not so I dont know. Maybe we might get back together. Im going to see him Saturday when we go to the mall so I could spend my money for clothes so Ill talk to him about us then I guess. He asked me on the phone if I still liked him and I told him that I did, but he asked how I could still like him after all that hes done and I said "It takes a lot for me to hate someone" and plus I care for him a lot. I dont know, Im going to talk to him tonight so Ill see whats going on with everything.

    Wake up, Wake up, Wake up,
    Yeah so tired of waiting, waiting for us to
    Wake up, Wake up, Wake up,
    Yeah so sick of waiting, for us to make a move

    Everytime I turn around
    I fall in love and find my heart face down
    And where it lands is when it should

    ♥ Sue.

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