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.B.R.O.K.E.N. (jerseyzbabiie) wrote,
@ 2005-02-04 05:16:00
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    Current mood: anxious
    Current music:Blink 182 "Always"

    Yesterday at 5, I went to therapy. I was able to get more stuff out of my system that I bury down. After me, Sherrie went in and I had to wait an hour so I just played in the kiddie section. Anyway, she came and they said that she has to go to a learning center or something. The therapist also said that Sherrie doesnt require therapy so she must think im screwed up or something because I have 7 more appointments to go. When I got home, I called Kyle and we were still hanging out. He got there around 9 I guess. When I went downstairs to go meet him Dad was standing in the doorway looking at his car so I had to explain that it was him. I went out and talked to him and decided to go out with him instead of going back in. We went to his house and hung out a little. As soon as I walked in his room, all I could smell was weed. =/ Anyway, we listened to music and we got bored later so we went to go get alcohol. We drank and I got drunk for the first time in months and it felt great. I warmed up to Kyle a little more and we finally hooked up ♥ I got tired from the alcohol so I layed in his bed with him and at like 2 we both fell asleep together ♥ We woke up at 6 and he took me home because I had to go to school obviously.

    I loved waking up to him and just being with him ♥ It was great, except for the fact that I think we were moving a little too fast last night and I want to take it slow. I dont want it to be another heart break.

    ♥ Sue.

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