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.B.R.O.K.E.N. (jerseyzbabiie) wrote,
@ 2005-02-01 12:11:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:Ryan Cabrera "True"

    Saturday I went to the interview for Deterdings and I ended up getting the job ♥ so im excited about that. Whenever I get my working papers, I start. Anyway, me and Kyle couldnt hang out becausse his mom wouldnt let him get the car so I stayed in. Later Greg called and I talked to him for a little bit.

    Sunday, I finally met Kyle. He wasnt like I pictured him, but hes so adorable. He has a lip ring that I was unaware of and we get along well. I can actually carry long conversations with him, and I cant really do that with many boys. Anyway, we went to the mall and I followed him around aimlessly while he looked for clothes. We went in Hot Topic and he tried on this jacket that looked hott as fuck on him. I later got tired of being in there so we went to PacSun and he bought a winter coat. He got an application and then we went to Express. He couldnt find anything in there to buy, except for some face wash or something. We couldnt resist the puppies so we went in Pet Company and he went right for the beagle. Whats with the beagles? The mall closed so we went to his house. On the way over, I had to listen to North Star, A Movie Life, and A Early November because I never heard it before. Theyre pretty good. Basicly we listened to music and watched TV the whole time. Then he took me home at about 8:45. Five minutes later Shawn, Bryt and Duran (Shawns new boyfriend) showed up and we all went to the diner. Later Jess showed up and we talked to her for a little bit. She left and we all went to go see Hide and Seek. I got in at about 12:30.

    Monday I was tired so I went home to wait for Kyle to call. I fell asleep until 6, ate and went back upstairs. I couldnt go back to sleep so I just watched TV. At about 7:30 Kyle called and asked if I wanted to hang out again. I said "yes" because I do like him. He left at about 8 and I started getting ready. He later showed up and we went to the mall again. We basicly did the same stuff we did the night before. He ended up buying a hoodie from PacSun again. LOL. When the mall was getting ready to close, we went down to McDonalds because he was hungry and we sat there for a while. We left and drove around for a little bit. There was nothing to do so we just sat outside my house talking for an hour and a half. By the end of the night, he asked me to be his girlfriend, but I didnt know what to say so I told him to let me think about it. I think im going to end up saying "yes" because hes so sweet ♥

    ♥ Sue

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2005-02-01 13:40 (link)
You better say yes! Aww I'm so excited for you ♥, I am so like the best matchmaker.

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