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.B.R.O.K.E.N. (jerseyzbabiie) wrote,
@ 2005-01-29 14:27:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:Sugarcult "Bouncing Off The Walls"

    Yesterday me and Bryt walked up to Burger King before we went to the Patco Station to catch the bus for the local show Death by Vodka. We got chili cheese fries and sat there because all the computers were in use. There was one available so we checked our myspaces and left. We had a hard time crossing because of the snow and our bus just left. We waited a half hour until the other one came and we were on our way ♥ We stopped in Kmart and got sodas and we went across the street to Full Circle Records. The band was greater. The drummer was hot and so was the guitarist. He ended up busting his head open with a microphone. LOL. At the end of it, we talked to Justin and we just hung outside. They eventually left and we went to Kmart to chill in there until the bus came. We waited about an hour in there and the hott emo boys from the show came in ♥ ♥ Anyway, I tried to call Kyle to see if he would come get us, but his numbers invalid or something. We ended up missing the bus and having to walk in the freezing cold. We stopped in Eckerd for a second to warm up and then we went to Nifty Fifty's and tried using the phone again. I called Dad, but he wasnt going to help us. We stood on the corner and 20 minutes it came so we waved it down. We got off at CVS and started walking again. It was so horrible. A cop stopped us for curfew so now I have another thing added to my record. We asked him for a ride, but he said no. If you dont want us out past 11, why dont you take us home? We told him we missed our bus, but the fucker didnt care. He was just looking for something to do probably because it had to look like he did something. Me and Bryt were so pissed off after that. Finally I got home at about 11:15 and I was freezing to death. I was so cold it was hard to get to sleep.

    I have an interview today at 3:30 for Deterdings. Hopefully I get that job. If not, Wawa called so Im set either way. I think tonight me, Kyle, Jess and Ryan might hang out and play pool, not sure yet though.

    ♥ Sue

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