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.B.R.O.K.E.N. (jerseyzbabiie) wrote,
@ 2005-01-27 18:26:00
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    Current mood: crushed
    Current music:Something Corporate "Konstantine"

    Last night on our way home me and Bryt were attacked by niggers. We found this bike over by my house and Bryt needed a bike so why not? and were at Bryts apartment complex and these niggers come over and start screaming "Thats my bike!" They wouldnt leave us the fuck alone and they kept holding onto the bike. I tried to move, and I slipped and I fell over. I got up, got in the nigger's face, called him a nigger, and left. We put the bike inside and we were eating when like 10 of them came to the door, still trying to play off that that was their bike. Her grandma was stupid enough to give it to them. What a nigger lover.. Anyway, we were bored so we sat around and we hoped for Mo to call since there was nothing to do. Later he did, and we got ready. It took him two hours to get down here, but he finally made it by 10:30. It wasnt really his fault though because he was high =x LOL. We went up to Wawa because I falling asleep and I needed my cappuchino to stay awake ♥ Then we drove up the Pike until we decided that we could go bowling. Bowling was closing at 11 so we went to the Stratford Diner instead. I got a burger with cheese fries ♥ Oh so yummy. We had a great time and Mo's such a cool person. The whole time we were there we were criticizing all the ugly people trying to get with the other ugly people. LOL. Mo drove us to Andrews house and me, Bryt and Andrew chilled in the living room watching The Real World and Room Raiders. We later went upstairs to watch Alien vs. Predator and I got in at about 3:30am. I went to sleep for 2 hours and then got up to go to school.

    School was okay. Biology was actually cool for once, which I never thought would be possible. I talked to Jess about things and we had to give our debates in psychology. I was fucking shaking by the time I was done talking. My Social Anxiety Disorder kicked in. Yikesss. Anyway, I talked to Jay today and he took a break from Elaine because he thought that he could get with me. I told Jay that I think of him as a brother and he didnt take it too well. I could tell because he blocked me so thats pretty lame. The last thing he said is "Your never going to see me or Chris again." A part of me doesnt care and another part does because I do miss Chris and I want to see him again. Theres a spot in my heart that tells me I wont and it hurts =( I dont show it, but I do miss him. I hope that other people dont know, but they have to know that Im crying inside. I STILL LOVE HIM =x


    ♥ Sue

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