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jer (jeremy443) wrote,
@ 2003-09-11 23:34:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:authority zero- one more minute

    i have no idea what to do......... i am so unhappy. I wake up go to work come home and do noting for the rest of the night, on weekends that i don't work i sit at home and do nothing. or i go for a ride and that gets old because there is no where to go and i am always by myself and it gets so boreing. i hate being alone and i always am. It sucks because everyone is so busy with work school and relationships and it is not like i fit in. yeah i work but after that i have nothing. I just wish i had what they have. I can't start school till december but after that i have to quite because i am gonna be going to different school i won't have time so it is gonna end up like high school wake up go to school come home and be alone. i don't want that. i want something that i can go to when i am bored or alone. I just feel so unhappy, my mom makes me feel so guilty that i didn't actually kill my self, and it makes me so depressed. She comes home and gets on the phone and stays on the phone till like 10 and then goes to sleep i eat dinner by my self. i don't know how anyone can like to be alone, i am alone and i hate it.

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2003-09-13 03:02 (link)
sounds kinda like me, cept i dont work...or go to school for that matter...just sit around and do nothing all day. =(

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2003-09-14 14:52 (link)
hey whats up, you know ducha? here is my screen name scoobydoo3434343

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